Top Home & Garden Products Over $600: Cutco Kitchen Cutlery

You might say, “Why should I pay $600 or even $800 for a set of kitchen knives?”. There is a very excellent reason why you should. Let’s start by talking about the cheaper knives that you may find in a department store. There are some disadvantages of common, cheaper knives. Some are crafted with wooden handles which crack, break, and splinter. But most of all, they are unsanitary because they absorb grease, bacteria, and odors. Other knives are constructed with low grade plastic handles. They happen to be more sanitary than the wooden ones, but they still loosen, come apart, chip, or crack. Sounds like you are going to be going through a lot of sets of knives. But, that’s not all that is unpleasant about your cheaper knives. Also, they are either made with one of two types of steel: Carbon or Stainless! Carbon steel blades will hold a keen edge, but they easily rust, pit, and corrode. Stainless steel blades resist the rusting and corroding, but they dull easily and have serrated edges that rip and tear. These cannot be re-sharpened, so either way you are getting the short end of the deal. Another thing is the construction of the common, cheaper knife. Every knife has what is called a tang. It is the part of the blade that extends into the handle. On the cheaper knives there is only “partial” tangs. They only go part of the way into the handle. These partial tangs can break easily. Not to mention, the construction of common, cheaper knives usually consists of only two rivets.

Now, let’s take the time to stop and think about how many sets of knives that we’ve gone through, going back to Wal-Mart again and again. Wouldn’t it be so much easier on the checkbook in the long run to buy a good quality set of kitchen utensils? I think so!

Now, you’re left bedazzled because you never realized the harsh realities of common, cheaper knives, and you don’t know where to go from here. Let me introduce you to the BEST set of knives in the world. Made in the U.S.A., Cutco knives and kitchen utensils will leave you speechless. The first Cutco knife was manufactured and sold in 1949, so the company has a sound reputation. It’s annual sales exceed $250 million worldwide and has been purchased by 12 million satisfied customers. What makes these knives so remarkable?

First of all, the blade on this knife CANNOT be found on any other knife in the world, including the famous ones that you see on TV. It’s has what is called the “Double-D Edge”. It’s a one of a kind design that will stay sharp for a promise of at least 10 years by the company, and IF that time comesâÂ?¦They CAN be re-sharpened, unlike the serrated edge. That’s not all though! All Cutco knives are made with high carbon, stain resistant steel. In lamer terms: “Surgical Steel”. It has the advantages of both the carbon and the stainless steel WITHOUT the disadvantages.

Second, The handle design is a unique style too that (again) CANNOT be found on any other knife. It is ergonomic and has a universal fit, so it will feel comfortable in the palm of any person. It is also made so that the thumb and forefinger lock into place for safety and control, and it was premeditated with fatigue in mind.

What is the next great feature on a Cutco knife?: The handle material! It is constructed with highly engineered thermo-resin material that will not crack, chip, fade or absorb moisture. It happens to be the same material that some airplane parts are made out of.

Fourth and Finally is the TRIPLE rivet construction. The tang that we talked about earlier doesn’t just go part of the way down into the handle. The tang extends the FULL LENGTH of the handle for extra strength and balance, and three rivets (instead of two) are ground flush with handle for durability, strength and comfort.

Oh, I almost forgot! Have you ever heard of a “Lifetime Warranty”? OF COURSE! Well, sorry this doesn’t have one. It has EVEN BETTER: a FOREVER Performance Guarantee!!! This means that if anything ever goes wrong with your product, even if a knife broke, you could send it in and get it replaced for free. And because it is a FOREVER Performance Guarantee, it means that when you pass on your Cutco, the same guarantee applies to the next person as well. So, remember this when you are forking out the bucks for the high priced Cutlery: You’re not just buying it for yourself. You’re buying it for your great great grandchildren as well.

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