5 Most Obscure Sports in the World

We all know how Chess works and most of us know how to play it. Similarly, we also know how boxing works. However, imagine if the two are mixed together to form chess boxing; have you heard it of it? There are several sports which are being played in the world and they are extremely obscure. People don’t even know how exactly they work and what are their dynamics.

We have managed to make a list of all the top obscure sports which are currently being played in the world. Simply scroll down and you will be left in a shock after you see how people manage to make up these sports themselves and then play them as well.


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    Quidditch is actually a sport from J. K. Rowling’s top selling novel, Harry Potter. The magical world of Harry Potter had this sport, but people tend to play this game while sitting on brooms in real life.

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    Wife Carrying

    This is probably the most absurd sport which is played around the world. A wife, which is more than 17 years of age, is carried by her husband. The person to cross the finish line first is the winner.

    Woman carrying
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    This extremely entertaining sport is actually a mixture of three different sports: soccer, gymnastics and volleyball. There is a net in between two trampolines. People jump on these trampolines and do gymnastics while they can only touch the ball with their feet and head in order to make it cross the net.

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    Mountain Unicycling

    This even sounds dangerous by the name of it. People who play this sport are expected to be at the top of a mountain with only a unicycle. The thing is, the unicycle is not even expected to be equipped with a gear system.

    Uni cycling
  • 5

    Toe Wrestling

    Everyone understands how wrestling works, but toe wrestling is totally different from everything else. This sport started from the United Kingdom. This is somewhat of a thumb war which people tend to have from hands. However, in toe wrestling you have a thumb war with your feet. Both the players are expected to remove each other’s shoes and socks prior to the match.

    Toe wrestling

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