5 of the Most Prolific Mustaches Ever

Throughout history, there has been one distinguishing feature that several men – and even some women who don’t own razors – from all walks of life and from all parts of the world have had in common.

This shared feature is the mustache.

However, even though many people throughout history have sported mustaches, some mustaches have been much more prolific and well-known than others.

The following is a list of five of the most well-known mustaches throughout history.

5. Yosemite Sam. He may he a cartoon character, but he sure does have a prolific mustache, and he’s certainly making no apologies. The red-headed rascal cowboy has a mustache so incredibly huge that it should actually be termed a “beard-stache.” The darn thing covers his entire face!

4. Raul Julia. Do you remember Mr. Julia in “The Addams Family?” Mr. Julia had what many folks would call a “creeper-stache.” However, even though it may not be the most popular mustache nowadays, people still associate the creeper-stache with Mr. Julia.

3. Jason Lee. In “My Name is Earl,” Jason Lee had one huge mustache. Even though the mustache looked a little scruffy and unkempt, Lee said he had a love-hate relationship with his mustache. In short, he said it just took a lot of work to maintain!

2. Ron Jeremy. Almost everyone has heard of the “porn-stache.” Ron Jeremy is usually the first person sporting a porn-stache to come to mind. In fact, Jeremy has helped make the porn-stache so popular that there is even a character in “Orange is the New Black” who has porn-stache for his nickname!

1. Friedrich Nietzsche . Have you ever seen Nietzsche’s mustache? Holy cow! It looked like his mustache was plotting how to eventually take over his entire face. The thing was huge! Since Nietzsche had more mustache hair than many men have on their heads, he easily takes the prize for the most prolific mustache of all time!

Everett James, the author of this article, has a beard similar to those on “Duck Dynasty.” He likes mustaches, but he thinks beards are more practical and useful. Read his story about beards here .

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