How to Get on Your Favorite Game Show!

You could be a contestant on a game show like Deal or No Deal, or Distraction and make yourself look like a fool, or you could be on THE game shows of game shows, Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Both of these have been staples in the game show industry for decades, so why not make your mark as a big winner on either of these.

The first step you are going to have to take is check out the show’s websites. A lot of game shows have specific casting times and guidelines, so go to, or to see if when you can apply to be on the show. Jeopardy has set times when you can log on to the website and take their preliminary quiz. The quiz is 50 questions online that you answer and submit. The producers examine your answers and then decide whether or not you should be called in for a second interview.

Wheel of Fortune is a bit more relaxed in their casting requirements. They also have a high number of requests for contestants, so your application might not be accepted. Your best bet is to keep trying and trying until you finally hear back from someone.

There are a few loopholes that will increase your chances of getting on either of these shows. Both of the shows offer special showcase weeks where people other than accepted contestants can be on the show. For example, Jeopardy has college week, kids week, and teen week. Granted the parameters for these weeks are much smaller, but then again, so is the amount of applicants. You have a much better chance of being on Jeopardy if you are a teen, kid, or in college.

The same goes for Wheel of Fortune. It is definitely easier to get on Wheel of Fortune during their special weeks, especially since you don’t have to first qualify like you would for Jeopardy. They recently announced four new specialty weeks. These are the times that usually don’t entice as many people to apply. They have family week, best friends week, sweetheart’s week, and armed forces week. Like the specific parameters for Jeopardy, you might not fit into anyone of these categories, but if you do, you have a much better chance than if you were trying to be on the regular show.

Both of these game sows can be hard to crack. Many people spend years trying to break in and be a contestant. Most people get rejected their first few times, so be persistent. The more you apply, the more chances you will have to get on the show and win some big bucks. And don’t forget that if you qualify for any of the specialty weeks, your odds increase ten-fold of being a contestant. Try to find those loopholes and work them to your advantage. You don’t actually have to be on best friends week with your best friend, just someone who is a good actor and willing to split the cash with you. Check out the websites, and for any further details.

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