A Short Biography on Ronald Reagan

Innovative president Ronald Reagan was born to parents Nelle and John Reagan on February 6th of 1911 in Tampico Illinois.

Ronald Reagan spent his high school years at the school in the nearby town of Dixon and spent his college days working his way through Eureka college. While working his way through school Ronald Reagan studied economics and sociology, was a star football player and took a great interest in the theater community of the school.

After he completed college Ronald Reagan began a career as a sportscaster before a successful screen test in 1937 brought him to Hollywood. Over the course of the next two decades Ronald Reagan appeared in over fifty motion pictures. Disagreements over the communism involved in the movie industry raged as Ronald Reagan served as the president of the Screen Actors Guild. It was during this time of turmoil that this future presidents political views turned from liberal to quite conservative.

Ronald Reagan’s first marriage was to Miss Jane Wyman. The couple produced children Maureen and Micheal. Unfortunately the marriage ended in divorce. In 1952 Reagan married fellow actor Nancy Davis. Their marriage produced children Patricia and Ronald.

In 1966 Ronald Reagan was elected the governor of California by a huge margin of one million votes. He won reelection in 1970. Ronald Reagan soon became the Republican nominee for president and choose then Texas congressman George H. Bush as his running mate. They won by a decisive amount over President Jimmy Carter. Sixty-nine days after taking office Ronald Reagan was shot by a would be assassin.

Ronald Reagan would probably be considered one of the most popular presidents in history. He strengthened relations with the Soviet Union and made the United States a strong world power. His graceful manner and warm humor where often the reason his popularity soared and will also be one of the many wonderful things this great leader will be forever remembered for.

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