Can Celebrities Really Have a Happy Marriage?

As you know it takes a lot to try and have a happy marriage that will last for years. But for celebrities there is much more that they have to deal with then regular couples do. Does that mean that it is impossible for any celebrity to have a happy marriage? If you read any magazine than you know that just about every week there is a celebrity couple breaking up.

Part of the problem is obviously that their lives are just too public. Take Jessica Simpson for example, and her husband Nick. They made their entire relationship very public, and it just ended in disaster. This does not mean that if they did not make their relationship public it would have worked out better, but they would have definitely had a better shot at it.

The thing that makes these situations really sad is that the media and even the majority of the fans just do not seem to care about the private lives of the celebrities. But don’t you think that they deserve one. Some celebrities like Beyounce go to extremes in order to keep their relationship private. She has never and will probably continue to keep her relationship with rapper Jay-Z as secret as possible. There are some celebrity couples that seem to be making it work. For example Will Smith and Jada P. Smith are both still happily married and you very rarely hear or see anything about their relationship in the magazines.

Of course whenever one of them does a movie something will come out about a secret romance or something. But this is usually just information that the tabloids have made up. The good thing about hem is that they know not to believe everything they hear in the media. Although there are times when the media gets it right like in the case of Angelina Jolie and Brad. That was definitely a shock to Jennifer Anniston who just thought that her husband was making another movie.

Why did their marriage fail? They were one of the most loved couples and they were together for so long, they even kept it as private as possible. But in their case you have too very high profile stars. It could be that when one of them begins to get more famous then the other they just could not handle it.

At times it seems like it becomes more of a competition between some couples. They get to the point where they become jealous of each other. But the bottom line is that celebrities can have a happy marriage, but they can not also be the top celebrity. What that means is that their has to be some sort of compromise. You can not be constantly in the spotlight and expect to have a successful marriage too. Unfortunate for most celebrities it has to be one or the other. For more information on celebrity couples you can visit the following websites:,

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