Biography of X Games Athlete Jeremy McGrath

Jeremy McGrath was born on November 19, 1971 in San Francisco, California. He is considered to be the best Supercross racer of all-time. Many of his fans call him “The King,” based on the fact that he always seems to be on top.

In 1991 and 1992, Jeremy McGrath won two 125 West Region Supercross Championships for Team Pro Circuit Peak/Honda. In 1993, as a rookie on the pro tour, Jeremy became the first and only rider to ever win the 250cc Supercross Championship during his rookie season.

Over the next four years, Jeremy McGrath never lost a Supercross Championship as he won four consecutive with Team Honda. After winning the fourth consecutive Supercross Championship, Jeremy left Team Honda and signed on with Team Suzuki in the 1997 season.

The news that Jeremy was leaving Team Honda was a shock to the motorcycle racing community, but Team Honda and Jeremy could not agree on a contract deal. Team Suzuki was able to offer Jeremy what he wanted, and he made the move.

During the 1996 season, Jeremy McGrath made the most historic streak in motorcycle racing when he won fourteen out of fifteen 250cc Main Events. The drop from Team Honda made many fans worry that Jeremy would not be able to continue winning since Team Suzuki was a very weak team and won very few races at all.

After running into major problems with crashes and mechanical problems with his motorcycle, Jeremy lost the Supercross title for the first time in his professional career in 1997.

The following year, in 1998, McGrath switched from Team Suzuki to Chaparral Yamaha. That year, he returned to the forefront of racing and won the Supercross Championship. He followed up the championship in 1998 with two more in 1999 and 2000.

During the 2001 season, Jeremy McGrath again ran into problems and could not win the championship. After finishing third in the standings in 2002, McGrath made the decision to retire from Supercross.

A few years later, in 2005, McGrath made his return to the Supercross circuit, but he decided to only race a few events instead of the entire season. He had some high finishes in some of the races leading up to the 2005 X Games.

At the 2005 X Games, Jeremy McGrath competed in the Supermoto where he took home the silver medal for finishing in second place.

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