Celebrity Highlights: Actor Gale Harold from Queer as Folk

“The epitome` of sex,” was a phrase that became synonymous with actor Gale Harold, in relation to his portrayal of the arrogant and promiscuous gay ad exec, Brian Kinney, on Showtime’s “Queer as Folk.” It seemed this American actor came out of nowhere and grabbed the world by storm, captivating not only gay audiences, but a surprisingly large base of heterosexual women as well. But now that one of television’s most shocking and ground-breaking shows has come to an end, where does that leave its sexy starâÂ?¦ and just who was that masked man behind Brian Kinney?

Born and raised in Decatur, just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, he came into this world on July 10th, 1969, and was named Gale Morgan Harold III. Gale’s parents were religious and, while it’s known that they were Southern Pentecostal, the American actor reveals little else about the people that raised him. Some interviews have suggested that Harold has alluded there was a great deal of conflict in his family, particularly in regards to religion and sports, but this is all speculation and Gale Harold has never directly come out and stated the bare-bones facts about his family.

Aside from knowing that he is a middle child, with an older sister and younger brother, he seems to prefer to keep things hush and most respect those wishes. When asked, Gale usually declares David Bowie, Jack London, and Tolkien’s Gandalf as major influences during his adolescent years.

Graduating from the Southwest Dekalb High School, Gale was given the opportunity to attend the American University, in Washington D.C., where he began a liberal arts degree in Romance literature. Trouble with his coach, however, would convince Harold to leave the school after only one and a half years of schooling, citing ‘creative differences.’ From there, he would travel on to the San Francisco Art Institute, in California, with the plans to study fine arts (particularly photography, which Harold is very fond of). This would also end poorly, when Gale blew his academic scholarship, simply wasting it away.

Time and time again, it seems as though Gale Harold samples life, decides he’s not doing something he really wants, and then goes off and tries something new. Possessing a great love of Italian motorbikes, he’s worked as a bike mechanic, as well as a carpenter, and didn’t even try his hand at acting until the age of 28.

Following the advice of friend, Suzy Landau (producer for Francis Ford Coppola), he engaged the inspirational Joan E. Scheckel, relocated to Los Angeles, and began a 3-year period of dramatic studies and exploration, before making his theatrical debut as Bunny in Gillian Plowman’s “Me and My Friend,” (Los Angeles Theatre Center). Soon thereafter, he would be offered (and accept) the role of Booker in Paul Sheuring’s “36K.” The rest, as they say, is history.

To date, Gale Harold’s most memorable role has been the character of Brian Kinney, on Showtime’s “Queer as Folk.” The show ran for 5 years before calling an end to its reign as the ‘most controversial hour on television.’ and Harold, having felt the warmth of the limelight, wasn’t about to give it up.

In addition to several movies, a handful of stage performances, 3 Aztec commercials, and 5 years of Queer as Folk, 2006 finds that Gale has secured the recurring role of Wyatt Earp on the successful, “Deadwood,” and has been cast in the lead for Fox’s upcoming, “Vanished.” Undoubtedly, we are destined to see a lot more of this charming and mysterious actor as he continues to forge a name for himself.

Be sure to keep your eyes on this oneâÂ?¦ Like his name suggests, he’s liable to blow you right off your feet!

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