6 Unique Uses for Aluminum Foil

Recently, I came across some neat ideas of what to do with used or extra aluminum foil. My sister sort of gave me some of these ideas, as she is always looking at how to reuse items rather than throwing them away. I also have used some of these myself. You are welcome to copy and use any of them that might fit your needs.

Use 1: Antenna: OK,so most people don’t have antenna’s on their TV;s anymore. However< we do have one that we take camping. When we do not get a signal, we use aluminum foil wrapped around the TV antenna to boost the signal. My daughter also has a very small TV in her room that is not hooked to satellite. She has done this before to get a better signal for local channels.

Use 2: Drawing Board. This is how this works. Children love this one. Place a layer of aluminum foil over a magazine or newspaper. Let your child use a pencil with a flat point with no lead or a chopstick. They will then draw designs on the aluminum foil. It turns out really neat and creative.

Use 3: Iron it flat and reuse it. My sister does this. Actually, I’ll buy my own new foil. But she has done this for years. She quit trying a long time ago to rewrap it around the foil roll, but she folds it and puts it in a large Tupperware container.

Use 4:Hoops game.I have done this with my own children. Make a hoop out of the foil. Make a long rolled strand then loop it around to make a circle for the hoop. You then find a large stick, dowel, or end of t a broom handle and put it in the ground. It is best to make several hoops. The children then practice throwing the aluminum foil hoop from different distances to see if they can put it over the stick.

Use 5: Making Molds. have your child press the foil over any hard object such a a bowl. Then let your child use the mold to make mud or wet-sand creations. If you are using smaller items, regular foil works well> but for the bigger items, you will need to buy heavy duty aluminum foil.

Use 6: Cover Doorknobs. I hear you asking why would you want to cover door knobs? We recently repainted our house. We put the foil around each doorknob so when we were painting, the paint would not get on the doorknob.

I hope that this article has been helpful, and you can use some of these unique ways to utilize aluminum foil.

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