Quit Smoking and More with Household Hints that Really Work

When it comes to household hints there’s a solution for just about any problem imaginable.

Now, I’m not a smoker myself but I’ve been told from reliable sources that a homemade recipe which appeared in The Miser’s Gazette (January) is effective for anyone trying to quit smoking. As I see it, if nothing else has worked – what do you have to lose?

The recipe is as follows: drink a medium glass of orange juice and Ã?½ tsp of cream of tartar every night before retiring. The cream of tartar apparently helps flush out the nicotine from your system while the orange juice replaces Vitamin C. Do this for 30 days and chances are good you’ll find your cravings are minimized – and with more money in your pocket from the cigarettes you haven’t bought, your outlook will certainly be brighter.

Here is a collection of more tried and true hints:

Nutritious Plant Water
Save the water in which you’ve boiled potatoes or eggs. It’s nutrient-rich and when cooled is ideal for watering plants.

Use Drying Racks
Living in an apartment and having to travel several floors to do laundry can be a real frustration. Instead why not turn to a cost-effective and practical way of drying clothes in your apartment? A simple drying rack not only will help save on additional trips up and down the stairs (or elevator) but your apartment will be more comfortable in the winter because of the added humidity.

Carrot Storage
With carrots being so inexpensive this time of year now is the time to stock up for the winter. If stored properly, carrots will keep the whole winter through.

Cover the bottom of a 5-gallon plastic pail with damp dirt. Add just enough water to dampen the soil. Add too much water and you’ll have mud. Now put in a layer of carrots and cover with a layer of the dampened soil. Next add another layer of carrots, then dirt, and so on until the bucket is full. Finish with a top layer of soil. Place a cover on the pail and store in a cool spot in your basement or insulated garage.

Fire Starter Idea
Fill paper milk cartons with tightly rolled newspapers, poke holes in the sides, and light.

Toddler Proof Your Cupboards
Snap-shut shower curtain hooks can effectively keep curious toddlers out of your cupboards. Lock two hooks together across the handles of each cupboard door handle. This technique eliminates the need to screw hooks into your cupboard doors.

Periodical File Storage
Large detergent boxes cut diagonally are perfect for filing special issues of magazines you want to save. Cover the boxes with wrapping paper or wallpaper to match the room’s decor.

Homemade Boot Trees
Staple together a few empty paper towel rolls and use them as boot trees. They will keep the boots in shape and the rolls allow air to circulate freely. It’s a great way to get boots off the floor and most economical!

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