6 Uses for Candles

We use candles for many purposes such as scented candles to put a beautiful scent in the air, candles to decorate birthday cakes, candles for light when the electric goes out and candles to just create a romantic atmosphere. Below are 6 uses for candles that you may not have realized you could use them for.

Mend shoelaces

My kids seem to always end up without the plastic ends on the laces. When this happens, dip the shoelace ends in melted candle wax. The lace will be prevented from fraying and will easily go though the lace holes of the shoes.

Label weatherproofing

When we mail packages the weather can cause the labels to smear and easy fix to this is to rub a candle over the label after you address with a felt tip pen. Just rub the candle over the writing and the weather will no longer smear the addresses, ensuring your package gets to the location.

Sticky Drawers

It seems our desks and dressers and other drawers start sticking after awhile, making them hard to open. You can use a candle to remedy this problem. Remove the drawers and rub a candle on the runners. The drawer will then open easier.

Create secret messages and drawings

Give your child a piece of paper and a white candle, have them draw a picture or write a message. Then use water color paints to cover the paper reveal the message. The candle wax stops the paint from absorbing into the paper where they drew and there message or drawing will appear like magic. This is great for parties.

Light a fire

It seems whenever you try to light a fireplace, grill or wood stove the draft blows out the match. Purchase some of those puff-proof trick candles and make them useful instead of just annoying. Use one of them to start your fire and smother the candle out once the fire is lit and save it for your next use.

Christmas ornaments

My kids love to make these. Use the cookie sheet pans that have shapes in them. Pour white candle wax into the pans let them harden then take them out of the pan and the kids can paint them and decorate them the way the like. If you want them to have a holiday smell you can use scented flavors such as vanilla and cinnamon and out a couple drops into the candle wax before poring into the pans. If you want you can also put a wic in each and make your own Christmas candles. Just put the cut candle in a small plate and light.

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