How to Build a Tree Fort – The Cheap and Easy Way

I understand that people make tree forts for several reasons. Some may like them for play, and fun times. I personally would love to have a tree fort strictly as an escape, and a place to be outside, while sheltered, as well as high above the world I’m held in.

Tree forts are a great way to calm your mind. In fact, many experienced authors love to write and come up with ideas from a tree-fort type of environment, because it gives them inspiration as well as a calming of the mind. If you ever have had a tree fort before, you know how you can appreciate the environment created by the walls of a tree fort.

There are several ways to build a tree fort, but the most important factor when it comes to building your perfect tree fort environment is to make sure that the fort is sturdy, and will remain secure over weathering and heavy use. If your tree fort isn’t safely held in the tree, serious injuries could result, obviously.

One great way to build a tree fort, is to find 4 very sturdy, live trees. Do not choose thin trees or trees which may appear to be rotting or dead.

These trees should be in a near-square or rectangular shape, this will make the building construction much easier, and will provide a stronger, more sturdy tree fort, if they’re closer to the shape of a square.

What you need now is a few 2×4 boards that will easily fit between these trees. Nail the boards skinny side up, to all of the trees. Make sure they’re securely in.

Now you’ll need a few pieces of plywood to set on these supporrts.

Get a piece of plywood that can easily be cut-down to fit the size of your frame. You’re going to want to cut the plywood a few inches bigger, to leave enough room to nail the support to the frame.

After you get this part done, try and get ahold of some pallets. These will serve as walls. Simply nail these to the sides of your floor as you please, and if you would like to get rid of the slits, cover the walls with plywood.

For the roof, simply use another sheet of plywood, the same size as the floor, and nail it securely down.

And ta-da! You have a tree fort, suitable for anything!

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