Things to Have in Your Home to Be Prepared for a Snowstorm

During cold-weather months, you and your family are at risk of being stuck inside without electricity during a snowstorm. However, knowing the risks can help keep your family safe, warm, and informed. This article assumes that you do not have a fireplace and are not able to use a generator, as to remain relevant to apartment-based homes as well as houses.

Clothing and Blankets

When the electricity goes out, your first line of defense is body heat. Keep your hands and feet warm, and wear something on your head as well. Wear your clothing loose to keep constant blood flow, and dress in layers. Have sleeping bags and wool blankets available for staying warm while you sleep.

Communication Devices and Batteries

If you know a snowstorm is approaching, make sure your communication devices are fully charged. If you have a cell phone (most people do), keep it turned off unless you plan to use it for an emergency. Use your laptop to check on weather updates. These days, computers and phones are used for many of the same things, but only a charged device is useful when the electricity is out. If you’re relying on a battery-operated radio for your news, remember to have extra batteries available.


A flashlight is another helpful tool that requires batteries. Make sure to have a good quality flashlight with extra batteries. When you want to save the battery-life of your flashlight, use candles for light instead.

Camping Stove and Fuel

A camping stove would make a great addition to your list of supplies. It’s possible to live off of uncooked canned food, but your family would probably be happier if their food was hot. You can buy an efficient camping stove that uses butane fuel for less than thirty dollars (not including fuel). You should have enough fuel to last at least as long as your food supply.


If you know a snowstorm is coming, you should stock up on food. I recommend being prepared for at least seven days or more, especially if you live in a colder region. You can pack your food into a snow-filled cooler to keep it cold. It’s great to stock up on healthy food, but remember to buy the snacks you would normally buy. Your family will thank you!


Despite being snowed in, you and your family can still have fun. Buy a deck of cards, board games, coloring books, puzzles, and anything else that you can use without electricity. A good source of entertainment will be greatly appreciated, and will make your time spent inside more enjoyable.

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