Preparing Your Family for an Emergency

Although this world can be a wonderful place, it is also a place where emergencies and disasters can occur. If you have a family, preparing for these disasters is more important than ever. Not only are you responsible for the life and well being of yourself, but of others as well. You must always prepare your mind and your supplies in case an emergency or disaster occurs.

Obtain Accurate Emergency List
It is always wise to contact your local American Red Cross to see what they recommend for an emergency supply stash. This supply could vary from area to area, but usually includes a week’s supply of food, water, blankets, batteries, etc. The amount of food and water you need varies depending on your family size. Typically, you need 1 gallon of water per person, per day.

Check Emergency Kit
Every four months or so, you should check your emergency kit and replenish expired items. For instance, medications, food, and batteries should be replaced with new supplies. Although it may seem like canned goods last forever, they usually have an expiration date. Be sure to eat them before the expiration date.

Check Emergency Insurance Coverage
Surviving a disaster is the most important thing. However, once the emergency is over, you must begin to rebuild your life and home. Insurance is usually how you will do this. Make sure your home insurance covers your dwelling and possessions for disasters that occur in your area. Closely examine the amount of money you will recover in such an event. Many times, you will need to upgrade building codes if you rebuild after a disaster.

Train Family for Emergency
Parents and adults should not be the only ones prepared for an emergency. Children should know basic things such as how to use a fire extinguisher. Also, the older children should be taught how to turn off the power and gas in the house. These could be valuable lessons in an emergency situation. The more your children know, the safer they will be.

Living through a disaster is hard to fathom, However, emergency situations happen every day. There could be an ice storm, hurricane, tornado, earth quake, medical alert, etc. If you are prepared for such an event, your family will have a better chance of surviving. Your family is the most important thing in your life. Make sure you protect that family by preparing for an emergency situation.

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