How to Get Cleaning Service Quality in Your Bathroom

As a professional cleaner for both residential homes as well as commercial facilities, I learned many tricks of the trade. When you are hired to clean a person’s home, perfection is not a goal to be attained, it is required. Being required to achieve perfection for such a long period of time instills many cleaning habits into a person. I am here to share my knowledge with you so that you no longer have to dread your chores, or hire someone to do them for you.

Bathrooms are very important to the home. No home or family could properly function without a toilet, sink, or shower. The bathroom is also the home to many germs and bacteria that can cause illness. It is very important to keep your bathroom clean not only for the eye of your guests, but also for the health and well being of you’re your family and yourself.

Many people find the chore of cleaning the bathroom to be daunting. If you think about all the components of a true, deep down cleaning of your bathroom, it can be overwhelming. Some people feel that they need to hire a cleaning service to get a good quality and germ free clean in their bathroom. The truth is, a sparkling and germ free bathroom is not hard to get or to maintain. Once your bathroom sparkles as if Merry Maids had been in there, it will only take mere minutes to clean your bathroom and keep that beautiful and healthy clean and shine.

What you will need:

One of the first things to keep in mind while cleaning is to clean from the top to the bottom. Unless you really like going back over the counter tops to get the drops of Windex that may have dropped, start at the top and work your way down. Another important tip to keep in mind is to always dust first. It will save you a lot more time than you think. Dusting is not as unnecessary chore. If you dust first you won’t have to deal with wet dust stuck to your washcloth and you won’t need to take the time to get another washcloth after you have rubbed wet dust over everything. Don’t worry; I learned the hard way too.

After you have gathered all of your equipment (I like to keep it all in one place for easy access) you will need to start at the toilet. This is the one exception to the “top to bottom” rule. Use your favorite toilet bowl cleaner and be sure to give the inside of the bowl, and under the rim, a good amount. It will sit there while you clean the other parts of your bathroom to make scrubbing easier.

Start with your bathtub or shower. You may make splashes while cleaning, so start here and you won’t have unsightly water drops all over your bathroom when you are finished. Spray your favorite bathroom cleaner on the shower head and the walls of your shower or bath. Spray near the top liberally and less near the middle as the spray will make its way to the bottom. Using a clean cloth, scrub the shower head first, and then the walls from the top to the bottom. Then wipe the rim of the tub with your cloth. You may need to spray more of your cleaner if your cloth is not wet enough. Work your way down into the tub or shower floor. To rinse out your tub or shower, turn your shower or faucet on hot and let it run for just a few seconds. While the water runs down the drain, wipe off the faucets and any handles. Use a dry cloth to wipe any water droplets that may have been caused by rinsing.

Next, spray your favorite window and class cleaner onto the mirror the same way you sprayed the shower walls. Using a squeegee, wipe away the cleaner in a downward stroke. You can use your wet cloth to wipe that away when you are done. Then, wipe off any towel holders in your bathroom. Remove everything from your bathroom counter and set it either on the floor or the toilet tank. Wipe down the counters and the sink and don’t forget to get the faucet too. Before replacing your items on the counter, be sure to clean them off. Soap dispensers and soap dishes can get awfully dirty and germy. Using toothpicks or an old toothbrush can get into little crevices that may not be reachable with a cloth. After replacing everything, wipe down the cabinets under your sink, or the rest of the sink if you have a standing sink.

Now it is time for the toilet. The most dreaded bathroom chore of all. Remove everything from the toilet tank and give it a good wipe. Replace all items after cleaning them off and be sure to wipe the flusher. Then you will want to wipe off the toilet ring. Be sure to get both sides because a lot of dirt and germs can hide under there. To get the hinges that attach the toilet ring, use your old toothbrush to do a quick scrub and then wipe up the cleaner and anything that came out of there. You will be amazed at how quick this works. Then get the outer rim of the toilet and down the sides of the toilet. Don’t forget to get the base as well as lots of dust and dirt can settle there. Now all that is left is a quick swish around the toilet with your toilet brush and a flush. Your toilet is clean and sparkly.

All that is left are the finishing touches and the floor. These last few quick steps take a bathroom from being well cleaned to being professionally cleaned. Grab your dusting cloth that you dusted with before cleaning and dust off your floorboards. If needed, you can over them again with a cloth and your bathroom cleaner. You can do this before you clean the toilet if you don’t want to use another cloth. Wipe down your light switch and outlet cover and then give the door and door frame a quick wipe. It all only takes a minute, but it gives your bathroom that extra clean and shiny look.

When you finish that, sweep and mop or vacuum your bathroom floor and you are all set. You may want to put up some new towels, light candles, set out potpourri or refill soap dispensers, but you are finished. Take a step back and admire your clean bathroom.

With a few quick wipes every day to get toothpaste globs and water droplets, you can maintain your bathroom until it is time to get a good scrub in again. If you do keep up the maintenance, you will find that it is much easier and quicker to do your major scrub job every week or every other week, depending on the bathroom and how much it is used. In fact, it will no longer really be a major scrub job. It will feel just like a quick clean up. Everyone loves a clean bathroom and now you will always have one.

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