Using Fireworks Safely

Many people enjoy watching all the different colors of fireworks. Fireworks can make any celebration seem extra special and beautiful. Even though the outcome of the fireworks can be a magnificent show, it is very important that the person lighting the fireworks do so in a safe manner so that they and their party will be safe.

Before you purchase fireworks, first check so find out if fireworks are legal in your area.

If they are, buy only from reliable vendors the meet with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission standards. Each firework should have its own set of instructions. Read and follow all of the instructions on the label.

Select where you will shoot the fireworks carefully. Find and open area outdoors that is away from dry grass, twigs, and other flammable materials. If you must select a grass area, douse the area with water before you begin to light the materials. In the case of an emergency, always have a bucket of water nearby to put out minor fires and sparklers. When lighting the fireworks, light them one at a time and have only one person doing the lighting. Keep in arms length from the tip.

When you are finished with the fireworks, always dispose the used fireworks by drenching them with water to be sure they are completely extinguished, then dispose of them in a metal trash container. Fireworks can be fun to use and watch if you know the safety precautions to go along with them. Keep in mind, fireworks should never be used by children. Fireworks are not toys and can be very dangerous.

If a firework does not go off after being lit, stay away from it. If after several minutes it still does not go off, douse it with water and discard it. Never relight a firework or throw them at another person. If you have an animal, it is advised not to hold them while fireworks are being used. Animals are usually extremely frightened of fireworks, and may react by bolting or scratching you.

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