Barbeque Safety on the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is a great day to relax and celebrate the US with family and friends. One of the most popular activities on Independence Day is having a barbeque. However, it is important to make sure that you don’t get so caught up in the Fourth of July festivities that you neglect barbeque safety. Here are some barbeque safety tips that you should consider; no one wants their fun ruined by a serious accident.

Beside celebration the freedom of the US, the Fourth of July is a good day to officially kick off the summer, which means getting that barbeque out and fired up. Before using your barbeque, especially after a long period of non-use, there are a number of things you should check before lighting it.

You will need to check all of your barbeque equipment carefully to make sure it is in safe working order. First have a look at the tubes that connect to the grill to make sure none of them are blocked. If you do find a blockage you can use a piper cleaner to clear it. You will also need to make sure none of the hoses are cracked, brittle or have leakages. If you find any other these problems you will need to replace your hose.

After inspecting your barbeque hoses take a close look at your propane gas tank. You will want to look specifically for excessive rust, dents, holes and bulges. It is also important to make sure your propane gas tank stand upright.

When using your barbeque always use it outdoors at least 10 feet away from the house or any other structures. It should not be used under overhangs or anything else that could potentially catch fire.

When you light your barbeque make sure the lid is open and light the burner as soon as you turn on the gas.

If you use charcoal to fuel your barbeque it is better to use charcoal that does not require light fluid. This is much safer as lighter fluid is very flammable. Charcoal should never be used inside where dangerous carbon monoxide fumes can build up and cause death. Charcoal burns very hot so it should be handled with care. Never dispose of it unless you are absolutely sure that is it completely cooled.

If you are operating the barbeque make sure your clothing is safe and not to lose. It is a good idea to avoid long sleeves. When barbequing especially when using charcoal keep a fire extinguisher within reach just in case the coals get out of hand.

Besides the safety precautions you should use when operating a barbeque there are number of barbeque food safety tips you should follow when cooking your Fourth of July feast. The last thing you want is someone coming down with food posing at your Independence Day celebrations.

One of the biggest precautions you need to take while cooking on a barbeque is ensuring that the food is cooked properly. Often times barbeque cooked food can appear done when it isn’t. You will want to make sure that the food is very hot throughout, all juices run clear and there is no pink meat.

Other food safety tips include using separate plates and utensils for uncooked and cook meat, ensuring the grill is hot enough before putting the food on, turn food frequently so it cooks evenly and ensure that the food is fully defrosted if it was frozen before cooking.

Following these simple barbeque safety tips will help ensure that your Fourth of July celebrations are only full of fun.


Using a barbeque safety tips

Using a barbeque safety tips

Barbeque food safety

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