Replacing a Showerhead and Curtain Rod

Replacing a showerhead and shower curtain rod assembly can be a very easy task that has great rewards in the end.

Your old showerhead you have now might be old and drippy, sprays erratically or has low pressure and wastes water.

Replacing the shower head is a easy job and if you save your old shower head you could even change the ones in a rented apartment or house and replace them when you move.

New showerheads have multiple massage settings and hose connections so you can move the head around to reach all those hard to reach spots.

Some even have on and off knobs to enable you to soap up and wash it off later.

Many different finishes are also available to at a variety of stores.

Bed and bath stores along with department stores and home improvement stores sell showerheads.

Let’s start with the showerhead.

Tools needed

Small pipe wrenches

Adjustable wrenches

Vice grip pliers

Strap wrench

Roll of Teflon tape

New showerhead of your choice

Old towels (rags)

Start by placing a large towel in the bottom of the bathtub so you do not damage the surface while standing in the bathtub.

Place a rag over the downspout of the showerhead to protect its finish.

Using a wrench on the down spout and another on the showerhead turn the showerhead to the left but do not move the down spout

Clean off the threads of the down spout and apply a wrap of Teflon tape to the threads of the downspout.

Holding the down spout again thread the showerhead to the right and tighten with a wrench.

Remove towels and test showerhead for flow and check for leaks.

Now to change out the shower rod with something new.

There are many reasons to change out the rod; just as many as you have for changing out the showerhead.

Newer shower rods have many features. There are ones that double rods so you can hang a protective liner in the tub and a decorative curtain on the out side. Some have an arching bend made into the rod for extra room in the shower. You will have to determine what method of mounting your old rod is hung by and remove it in an appropriate manner. Installing the new rod will be determined by the style you purchased and should not be difficult for even a beginner.

Many rods have either twist and lock adjustments, spring tension, or are mounted with screws.

Either type will give you great pleasure when complete and will make remodeling bathroom complete or start you off in a new direction.

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