Review of Punch Cigars

I prefer cigars that are full bodied, as they generally provide more complex flavors than a mild one. It is enjoyable to smoke a stogie that tickles the taste buds, and it is a great way to follow up on a gourmet dinner and dessert. They are usually paired nicely with liquor, such as a Scotch or Cognac. I had the misfortune of smoking a Punch Brand cigar after such an occasion, with the selection being one of their Champions. This edition has three different sizes, and the one I had was a 4.5×60 behemoth with the natural wrapper.

Honduran cigars are known to be full bodied, but this cigar was simply harsh. While lighting it I started to immediately cough, and hoped that the harsh taste would disappear as the cigar cooled down. It did not, and I can only describe smoking one of these, as rolling up some newspapers , lighting them, and inhaling. Even with the smoke just swirling around my mouth, my sinuses seemed to cry out “no mas!” I started to sneeze, and this cigars strength was enough to get me shaking. A normal full bodied cigar might do that in the morning, before any type of food consumption, but at this time of day I found it to be ridiculous.

There is no flavor to these, other than the harsh smoke. These smokes are easy to puff on, and a few draws will bring in immense amounts of this smoke. It is overwhelming, and the least bit enjoyable, and my opinion of this has been seconded by many seasoned cigar friends of mine. Cigars flavor is not meant to be disgusting, unless you purchase a machine made one, such as a Munniemaker or Garcia Y Vega. I would recommend them over this, which is an almost tragedy, considering that they cost around 1/5 of the price of a Punch Cigar.

Construction and lighting are above average, and I was impressed by how these cigars were rolled. The people in their factories must spend a lot of time with each stick, and their bonuses must pay a higher amount for quality than quantity produced. They are rolled tightly, but no so much that they prevent the proper even lighting, and the draw is above average throughout the smoking experience. Appearance wise they are average at best, with some off coloring present in the wrappers. The band is an attractive red color, which displays the Punch name and that they are imported.

My suggestion is to stay away from these cigars. If you prefer full bodied selections, consider the offerings from competitors such as Joya De Nicaragua, Cohiba, and CAO. Those companies believe in providing a desirable flavor, along with the strength necessary to produce a robust cigar. It is a shame that the Punch Company seems intent on manufacturing cigars that only knock out your palate, instead of impressing it. If you want to understand how it feels to be hit by a 100 mph fastball, smoke a Punch Champion.

Construction: 19/20

Lighting: 19/20

Appearance 15/20

Taste: 20/40

Overall: 73/100

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