DIY: Fun Cherry and Lemon Themed Centerpieces

Spice up your next party with these 50s retro cherry and lemon themed centerpieces! Inspired by Anna Griffin die cuts, this project is simple enough that even kids can help with a bit of adult supervision.

For this project, you will need:

– Small terra cotta pots

– Fine sand

– Cherry red spray paint

– Lemon yellow spray paint

– Acrylic paint (optional, for additional decoration)

– Anna Griffin Die Cut Pack, “Elsie’s Kitchen” (available at scrapbook stores or online at Paper Addict)

– 1/4″ wooden dowel, cut 8″ long

– Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Start by first deciding how many centerpieces you would like to make. Choose even numbers to alternate the pot and dowel color motifs.

Spray the first pot entirely with cherry red spray paint. Allow the paint to dry before adding a second coat. If you are decorating your centerpiece base further, do so now with acrylic paint. Spray the dowel entirely with two coats of lemon yellow spray paint. Set aside.

Spray a second pot entirely with lemon yellow spray paint. Allow the paint to dry before adding a second coat. Decorate with acrylic paint as desired. Spray a dowel with two coats of cherry red spray paint and allow to dry.

Heat up your hot glue gun. With the lemon yellow dowel, affix one cherry die cut to the dowel using hot glue. Repeat the process with a lemon die cut and cherry red dowel. Allow the glue to dry.

Pour enough sand in the pot to fill it halfway. Insert the lemon yellow rod into the cherry red pot, and the cherry red rod into the lemon yellow pot. Enjoy!

TIP: Turn this centerpiece project into a table marker project! Simply print guest names onto shrink paper with ink. Shrink the paper according to manufacturer directions, and cool. Cut the names out, and hot glue to the pot base or directly onto the die cut itself. Or, instead of using shrink paper, print out each name onto lemon yellow or cherry cardstock. Cut each word out and adhere to the die cut directly by adding a dab of dimensional glue to the text. Using a small paperclip or dimensional tool, spread to the edges of the paper so it adheres to the die cut. Decorate as desired. Your imagination is the only limit in this project, so be creative!

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