Going Green: How a Little Legume is Becoming a Big Force in the World

For centuries, our planet has seen its vicissitudes, from natural disasters to human abuse, and has taken it quite well; however, we are now seeing the effects of a war-ravaged planet that is in desperate need of repair and rejuvenation. It is in the serene countryside, the breathtaking mountains and clear running streams that our planet is continuing to suffer. How do we want to leave this planet? How can we protect it for generations to come?

The scars of time show in the cracked streets, peeling paint, eroded rock and old decrepit trees. On a daily basis, companies are scratching their heads, trying to solve this dilemma, and many have come up with viable solutions. One in particular is the new soy-based Biobased Insulation that uses the little well-known soybean as a natural alternative to harsh chemical. that not only hurt our planet, but us as well. Biobased Insulation products can be used on furniture, in cars, in building homes and the like. Sealing structures with Biobased Insulation makes it more energy-efficient and healthier, as well as more durable and comfortable. This trend will continue, as new products will catch on to this environmentally friendly spray and “Going Green” will become more of a way of life than just an environmentalist’s idea of saving the planet.

Image, if you will, riding in a car that is not only comfortable, but also durable, with insulation that protects even the smallest child from harm. Spray foam that releases during a car accident that softly cushions the victim, instead of crushing them would put all worries to rest. People with multiple chemical sensitivities have a difficult time just going outside, let alone to a supermarket, where formaldehyde reeks from new pillows, bedspreads and even clothes. With new natural substances, these people could breathe freely, living a more productive, joyful life.

Could it happen? Yes. Should it? Absolutely. We are in a time that can either be damaging or healing. We need to heal the erosion of planet Earth, change its reversible damage, respect its beauty and awe and preserve it for our posterity. It isn’t difficult. It takes a little brainstorming and effort on everyone’s part to think creatively. Some small ways we can take care of our planet is this:

Quit buying gas guzzlers that pollute our world, such as SUV’s, Hummers and large Suburban’s.

Begin recycling, or continue by buying recyclable products.

Use alternatives fuels

Create a compost basket for your yard

Turn off lights in rooms not in use

Unplug appliances when not in use

Buy coiled light bulbs

Use solar panels and use them on a sunny day, to store energy

Use alternative means to clean, instead of harsh chemicals

Going green is the new way to preserve and protect our planet. If we all catch on to this idea, our world and ourselves will be better off for it.

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