Home Maintenance Made Easy: Tips and Tricks for Everyday Tasks 1

I recently had the opportunity to live with my mom for a few months and learned quite a bit about cleaning that I never knew. Cleaning certain items can be a taxing job but with these around the house remedies for quicker cleaning you will never have to hate some cleaning jobs again.

Chimney Cleaning

If you have a chimney in your house that needs cleaning before calling in a professional try potato peels. If you save your peels over a period of a month or so and burn those in your fireplace or woodstove all at the same time the intense burn will clear out the soot from inside your chimney.

Greasy Fingernails

Nothing is more dirty looking than grease under the fingernails, but we all have to do a little home maintenance on our cars once in a while. Next time, before diving head first into that engine, try scraping your mails over a bar of soap first. It will stop the grease from caking under your nails.

Frozen Door Locks

Spray door defrosters are a waste of money and time when all you really need is a lighter. The next time you have a frozen door lock try heating your key with a lighter first and them sliding it into the key hole. After waiting a few seconds, the ice will melt and you will be defrosted.

Nasty Autumn Leaves

You rake and rake those leaves and only more fall on the ground the next day. Instead of spending hours this fall raking just mow the things over. The mulch will help to protect your lawn and disappear by spring time.

Outdoor Light Bulbs Stuck?

If every time you have to change an outdoor light bulb it seems frozen into the socket you are not alone. The next time your manage to wrangle the burnt out bulb free grease the new one up with a little petroleum jelly before screwing it into the socket. It will make the next change a lot smoother.

Barbeque Grills and Oven Grates Are a Pain

If that baked and grilled on grease seems like it will never come off, let your lawn do the work for you. Try placing your grills in the grass overnight and the dew will act with the enzymes in the grass to eat away the grime. When you wake up in the morning almost all the work will already be done for you!

The household cleaning hints help me out everyday and I know they can help you too. So next time you are dreading some home maintenance task, try a few of these time and patience saving tips.

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