How to Clean Up Dry Wall Dust

Drywall dust is impossible to clean. This is the first thing anyone remodeling for the first time will realize. It is small and grainy, and gets into every crevice and crack available. A conventional sweeper will not work for even the smallest amount. The dust gets into the motor and causes it to burn up.

Cleaning drywall dust is difficult if the wrong tools are used. But with some patience and the right tools, cleaning up drywall dust can be simple and easy to do.

Tools Needed:

Broom and dust pan or Shop Vac
Paper towels

1: Take anything out of the room that is covered in dust and no longer needed.

2: Wipe down the walls and windows before starting with the floor. The floor is always last, as it is the largest and easiest to make dirty. Use a wet rag to run over the walls. This will collect the dust and make it impossible to get other places. Rinse the rag frequently. Once wiped down, wait for the walls to dry and repeat to get any residue left. Once everything is wiped down, begin with the floor.

3: Use the shop vac to sweep up as much dust as possible. This will work even though normal vacuums will not – this is because of the way shop vac works, which does not allow the dust to get into the motor.

Use the corner and extension pieces to get the dust out of corners and cracks in the floor board. Sweeping several times in between with a broom will help pick up anything that may be missed by the shop vac. A broom is also a good way to loosen dust that has been packed down.

Sweep several times until it appears all the dust it gone.

4: Once the shop vac is no longer useful, get a mop and using a cleaner solution, wash down the floor. Rinse with nearly every wipe to avoid spreading the residue around. Wait for it to dry, and rewash the floor. You may need to do this several times to avoid any residue left. Be sure to wait for the floor to dry before proceeding, because the dust will only be visible when the floor is dry.

This is the simple way to rid a remodeled room of drywall dust. Using a sweeper will never work, but shop vacs will. While you can use a broom in the place of a shop vac, it will take much longer. Shop vacs can usually be rented cheap by the hour at most places that rent floor cleaning machines.

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