Save Money on Your Next Building Project with Cull Lumber

You’re getting ready for your next building project and you realize you don’t have as much money to spend on the lumber as you have originally thought. Well, you don’t have to throw in the towel just yet, you don’t have to spend a lot on lumber if you know where to look. There is an easy way to save money on the lumber you need. Just go to your local home improvement store and look in the cull lumber section to get a much cheaper price on the lumber you need.

What exactly is cull lumber?

It’s the lumber that has been pulled from the original inventory because it has some discrepancies, or it has been damaged somehow. That doesn’t mean that the lumber is bad, it just means that it isn’t perfect. It may have been warped, has a split, has a large piece missing, or it may just be pieces of other leftover lumber. Whatever the reason may be, this lumber is cheaper.

Where to find it?

That’s a good question, where can you find this wonderful lumber? Just go to the back of your local improvement store and it should be located on a rack or pallet. If you go to this area and you can’t find it, just ask an assistant where it is, they should be able to direct you to it. Don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t see it. If you don’t ask, you will miss out on all the potential savings.

How to find what you want at the cull rack

Look for pieces of wood that has the damaged parts on the edge. Look for dents and holes that would be simple to cut away, or if you could possibly work around. When you do find a piece that will work for you, don’t forget to measure it to ensure that the good section of board will be big enough or long enough to meet your needs.

When looking for cull lumber, always remember to work fast. There is always somebody right behind you ready to swipe it away. Cull lumber goes really fast, so don’t be surprised if you get there too late and all of the cull lumber is gone. The inventory for cull lumber usually changes every day so, just make sure that you go back the next day to see what they have before everybody else does.

Extra Savings Tips:

Don’t be afraid to ask an associate what days that their lumber deliveries are due in. Those days are the best days to check for discounted lumber.

If you happen to be looking in the regular lumber racks and see a defect, go ahead and point it out and ask if you can have it for a discounted price. All they can say is no, so why not try and ask?

Every time you go to the store, always check out the cull lumber section to see what they have available. Even if you don’t need it right away, you may need some at a later date. This is almost a guaranteed way that you won’t have to pay full price again. Take some hints from the squirrels and stock up while you can.

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