Home Improvement Includes Tree Maintenance

Constant tree maintenance from even a couple of tree’s can be a thankless task. Who needs it and why do we put up with the hassle? Tree vomit comes in many forms. Tree’s are messy. They cause endless yard chores. Here is an example of tireless tree maintenance, suggestions to keep on hand. Tools you can use in tree maintenance. Home improvement includes keeping your tree’s tidy and healthy.

Tree’s provide natural beauty. The russel of leaves is calming, releasing us from stress. Tree’s are shade producing.They help cool our homes. They become shelter to high flying birds and pesky squirrels. A variety of insects live off tree’s and often do them damage. Many believe tree’s have a heart and soul: mourn their loss. Tree’s can live hundreds of years. One has been known to chain himself to a tree to protest the building boom. With tree’s we get paper, glue and mulch. We also get tree vomit. Tree’s are in a constant state of needing maintenance. They puke something down on our heads daily.

With tree’s you get tree vomit and their isn’t much you can do about it. They don’t even need a severe thunderstorm with showers of continuous rain to shed all their glory. Slight winds can shake them up enough to create a mountain of a mess. Daily they shed off twigs, bark, and wayward leaves. Messing up your lawn and driveway. Some tree’s produce fruit or nuts, the kind that become projectiles as the lawnmower skins them. Fruit that has to be one by one hand picked up from the lawn as rakes just roll over them. The wild life will also feed off them, helping you in your maintenance chores. If you have several large tree’s on your property then you know the fun of leaf raking. Tree’s can dump millions of leaves during the fall season. Another back breaking maintenance job to get done due to tree vomit. Mostly you can get a load of leaves to clean up as a gift from your neighbors tree’s, as winds shift and deposit them on your lawn. Everyone knows the unspoken rule of leaves. If they land on your property, they are your problem. Keeping your property free of gathered leaves is a home improvement chore.

Tree’s all have a unique set of leaves. Some fall in single file. While others fall in gathered clumps. Pine tree’s have the added fun of having to retrieve pine cones from your property. Use the pine cones to decorate your home and for craft projects. Pine cones are a great natural mulch for flower beds. Tree’s with catkins spit up dangling wads that leave a purple stain where they fall. Female catkins are brown and red while the male ones are brown and yellow. They spread more then 100 tiny flowers with every catkin they produce. The whirlybird tree’s are the worst. Flying helicopters, as they are also known as, can cover every inch of land in their path. The cotton tree boast over 180 varieties. Cotton tree’s vomit white fuzzy things that fly in the air for weeks on end. People with allergies suffer their flight.

Trees, with all their goodness, they are loved. They create much to do. Ever have one of those tree’s that keep producing suckers throughout your lawn? Another fine example of tree vomit. Attack tree suckers by digging them out with a sharp shovel or spade right to the root zone. In winter months tree’s get all quiet-settle down, as they stand tall and naked, having no more to vomit. Snow and ice weigh on their limbs, cracking off more tree vomit, even as they sleep. Come spring you’ll find yourself picking up hunks of tree bark within the grass blades. It’s an endless maintenance cycle. Don’t you hate tree vomit?

Take a run over to your local hardware store. Sears Hardware for example, carries a wide selection of handy tools for outdoor yard maintenance. Load up on lawn and leaf bags. Look for wide fan rakes for leaf gathering. Think about getting a tree pole, used to cut low limbs. A leaf blower is a great maintenance tool . It will also make mulch for you from your tree leaves. If your tree’s are getting you down with all the work they create—think about getting them one of those tree faces! A happy one at that.

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