Halloween Decorating Ideas for Your Garage

You’ve decorated the front yard, the inside of your home and even your car for the upcoming Halloween holiday. Your house is the most festive and spooky on the block. What’s left to decorate and get your friends and family in the mood for the scariest holiday of the year? The garage, of course. If your garage is primarily used to park cars and is relatively clean and clutter free, use the space to create a fun and festive holiday atmosphere this Halloween. One of the advantages of decorating your garage for Halloween is that on the night of the holiday, you can pull up a couple of comfortable chairs, open the doors and enjoy the Trick or Treaters who come for candy and to admire your Halloween spirit.

Halloween Decorating Ideas For Your Garage: Orange Lights. If you normally frame your garage in white or colored lights for Christmas, use the light hooks to outline your garage doors in brightly colored orange lights for Halloween. Unscrew the light bulbs you currently use in your garage and replace them with fun and festive Halloween themed bulbs.

Halloween Decorating Ideas For Your Garage: Mad Scientist’s Lab. Convert your garage into a laboratory for mad scientists. A long table covered in deep bowls with some dry ice can create a mysterious atmosphere of potions and experiments. Adding a microscope, some plastic beakers and a few shallow bowls filled with green “slime” purchased at toy stores will surely give the trick or treaters a fun fright! Turn the lights down low and don a white medical jacket to play the role of mad scientist. A pair of black framed glasses and teased hair can complete the character and add to the fun of handing out Halloween candy.

Halloween Decorating Ideas For Your Garage: Haunted Graveyard. You can easily turn your garage’s concrete floor into a haunted graveyard. Place some Styrofoam grave markers on the garage floor and use a smoke machine to turn the space into a haunted graveyard. Turn all of the lights off and pipe in some scary Halloween music. Keep several candles lit to provide some light and prevent any trips or falls.

Halloween Decorating Ideas For Your Garage: Haunted House. Several white sheets fashioned in the shape of ghosts can be hung from the garage walls. Gather several scary masks together and line them up on a shelf. A length of chain can be hung up for rattling when Trick or Treaters come up your walkway. Decorative cobwebs can be placed over all the items in the garage and a plastic witch’s cauldron can be used to hold the Halloween candy. Keep the lights dim and have a Halloween themed CD playing on a loop. Several stuffed black cats can be placed strategically around the garage to give your haunted house some spooky pets.

Halloween Decorating Ideas For Your Garage: Fun And Festive. If your children are very young, or your Trick or Treaters are primarily very small children, you may want to skip the very scary decorating for your garage and create a happy and fun Halloween space. Set up a pumpkin display in front of several large bales of hay. Orange and black streamers can be strung across the ceiling. Blow up a bag of orange balloons and tape them to the walls. Set up a television and DVD player and run a continuous loop of “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” and “Hocus Pocus.”

Use these garage decorating ideas to make your home the most popular house on the block this Halloween!

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