Home Monitoring Systems for the Elderly and Handicapped

Do you have an elderly or handicapped family member that you are worried about when they are alone? There are new high tech gadgets to monitor them so you can feel they are safe when you are not around? High Tech Gadgets help these people live safer and longer in their own homes. These High Tech Gadgets also give caregivers piece of mind, that if an emergency happens when they are not around that assistance will arrive sooner.

One of the High Tech Gadgets that has been around for years is the home monitoring system (PERS) Personal Energy System . This device is like a panic button that a person wears around their neck and if they need assistance they push the button to receive assistance. The problem with PERS is that the person may not be alert enough to press the button.

However, there are now new high tech gadget ,Home Monitoring Systems works around the clock and requires no input from the person being cared for. This High Tech Gadget works through small wireless motion sensors, it is not cameras. The motion sensors are placed in key locations throughout the home. It collects and analyses information on their daily activities. Such as, using the bathroom, getting out of bed and eating and taking medicine. The system establishes the persons normal routine so that it can quickly detect when there are changes to those routines. When something out the ordinary happens alerts are automatically sent to the caregiver via phone or e-mail, as this cold indicate a fall or other emergency.

Some company’s that offer this type of High Tech Gadget are

1) Quiet Care – A leader in the industry and the first company to offer this type of High Tech gadget service. The cost of this service is under $300 plus about $90 a month for monitoring. Visit www.quietcare.com or call 1-866-216-4600.

2) Health Sense – Offers a more comprehensive High Tech Gadget monitoring system. This system allows you to keep an eye on just about everything. With a large variety of sensors you can monitor such things as sleeping patterns, shower and toilet use, if the stove has been left on and much more. This system costs around $1,300 plus $60 a month for monthly monitoring. Visit www.healthsense.com or call 1-800-576-1779

3) Grand Care – Providing a unique communication tool to their High Tech Gadget monitoring system. It comes with a computer that connects to the Internet, which allows the family members to send pictures, e-mail messages and more to dedicated channel on the TV. The cost of this is $2000 plus a $50 monthly monitoring fee. www.grandcare.com or call 262-338-61467

Remembering to take medicine can be a problem for some people. Sometimes they forget to take it or take the wrong amounts. Another great High Tech Gadget is a good medication reminder. MD.2 costs around $750 plus a $30 monthly fee, or it can be rented for less then $100 a month. Visit www.imd2.com for information about lots of different medication reminders.

High Tech Gadgets are a great way to monitor your loved one while they still get to stay at home and have the freedom and privacy they don’t want to lose.

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