Generators for Power Outage Protection for Your Home

Going part of a day, or even 24 hours without power, can be inconvenient and uncomfortable but having your power out for a long period of time can cost you plenty. Not only is food ruined but you’ll spend a fortune on candles, batteries and ice – if you can locate those items during a disaster. There’s no need to worry about power outages anymore – now that there are standby generators that can be installed in your home.

Many power companies and other businesses offer standby generators which can help thousands of people during a storm. Have them installed and you can continue life as you know it – no matter what is happening outdoors. The units take up an amount of space equal to a central air unit and can be connected to even natural or propane gas systems. You’ll need a concrete pad for the generator but it is often included in the package when you purchase the system.

The standby generators are installed by knowledgeable professionals who perform regular safety inspections as well as operation testing. The customer is then trained in operations and some minor maintenance. Exterior noise levels from the generator are kept to a minimal since they are installed with sound-absorbing panels that surround the generator.

When power shuts down the generator automatically kicks on and begins operating heat, cooking sources, lights, and appliances. The generators have automatic safety shutdown systems to protect the engine of the generator in case of low oil pressure or overwork. When power returns the generator automatically shuts off within seconds. There’s no need to go out into the weather to turn the generator on or off.

Regular generators have been available for years but they’re extremely noisy, can’t be kept out in the weather, and require the owner to constantly feed it fuel. Although these generators are okay for certain conditions they simply can’t hold a candle to the new standby generators.

Go online to find places in your area that offer the standby generators as well as service for them. Or, call your local power company to see if they have a program that will allow you to purchase the generator by paying extra amounts on your monthly power bill.

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