Review: Hoover Floormate Hard Floor Cleaner

If I could marry a home appliance, the Hoover Floormate for hard floors would be the one! As the owner of a dog and two extra furry cats, I was tired of all of the work it took for me to sweep and mop. My garage is full of prefilled wet-mops, vacuums, and those handheld steamers. All of those items had me drooling from their tv commercials, but I never used them more than once.

Enter the Hoover Floormate. After another case of “I need that” commercial drooling, we managed to find it on sale (the only way I shop) for about $100. Since its purchase the week after Chrismas 2011, I have used it at least 8 times. Here is what I’ve found:

Pros: It has the option to vacuum OR wash. After washing my floors they are visibly clean and I’m able to walk barefoot on the hardwood or tile without feeling the crumbles left behind by grimy pets. I *thought* my floors were clean, but could not believe my eyes when cleaning out the basin where the dirty water goes. It is very user-friendly and doesn’t take long to set up. Finally, the base of the machine is made of clear plastic, and allows you to see if anything is caught. This piece easily comes apart for cleaning.

Cons: To clean a large room, I need to refill the cleaning solution and empty the dirty water basin twice. Corners and edges don’t get reached by the scrubbers.

Overall, I am more pleased with this appliance than I have been with any others.

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