The Benefits of Scrapbook Furniture

I love my scrapbooking hobby. The only drawback was finding a simple and affordable solution to organizing all those supplies and having an appropriate area for creating my scrapbook pages. It seemed to take forever to clean off a work space so that I would have enough room to work and then invariably I would need to pack all my supplies up again when I needed to use the kitchen table for dinner. I don’t know about you, but when I am working on a project, I like to work from start to finish so these interruptions really annoyed me and stifled the creative process. I finally decided that I needed a dedicated space for my scrapbooking hobby, and I found the perfect solution in modular scrapbook furniture. Here are four benefits I’ve found to having scrapbook furniture:

1. Scrapbook furniture allows me to have more scrapbook time. With a dedicated scrapbooking area, I have more time to enjoy scrapbooking. Before, the only work space I had was my kitchen table. It was really a hassle to clean the table off, pull out all my supplies, and then begin work on a project only to have to put everything away again because we needed the kitchen table so we could eat dinner! Now I can go straight to my scrapbook furniture, easily find the supplies I want, and begin creating almost immediately. I can also leave my work in progress out, so that I may return to it later to complete it.

2. Scrapbook furniture lets me have a custom solution. The scrapbook furniture was customized to my needs. I don’t have a lot of room so I was very pleased to find modular components that I could mix and match to suit my needs. I work with a lot of the larger 12 x 12 papers and I needed a way to store them safely and yet have them quickly accessible. The shelving units that make this a breeze. I was easily able to customize the scrapbook furniture for my needs. The modular components made it easy for me to design.

3. Scrapbook furniture provides organization for my supplies. There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing scrapbook supplies and not being able to find them when you want to use them. With this scrapbook furniture I store my supplies in easy to find drawers and shelves, so I can see what I have and where they are located. This means I have more time to enjoy scrapbooking and less time hunting around for lost items.

4. Scrapbook furniture allows flexibility to add on when needed. I like the fact that the scrapbook furniture can grow with my scrapbooking hobby. If I need to add additional shelving or drawers, I can do so with ease. I am not locked in once I purchase a specific module and I really like this flexibility because I didn’t have to purchase things I am not currently needing. Now I have all the right drawers and cubbies to store my scrapbooking supplies.

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