6 Great Tricks for Windows 8 that You Probably Don’t Know

Windows 8 operating system is a highly modified version of the previous Windows systems. And this explains why not many people are acquainted with the way its use can be optimized. They aren’t aware of the shortcuts, tips and tricks either. These tips and tricks make the use of an operating system simple, efficient and convenient. From preventing files from opening in Metro to controlling automatic maintenance, this article will make the use of Windows 8 easier for you because it will list down a few great tricks that you probably didn’t know.


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    Disable the Lock Screen

    In order to find the option that helps in disabling the lock screen you will have to go to the Group Policy Editor. In order to launch it, type gpedit.msc on the start screen and hit the enter button.

    A new window will open on your screen. It will be titled Local Group Policy Editor. From the list shown on the left side of the window, click on the Computer configuration and then select Administrative Template from the sub menu. Click control panel and you will enter in the Personalization folder.

    Another window will be displayed on your screen titled Do Not Display The Lock Screen. Double click on the Do Not Display The Lock Screen icon viewed on the left side of the window and then click the Enabled radio button.

    In the end click Ok.

    Now whenever you will restart your system, the login screen will come into view instead of the lock screen.

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    Prevent Files From Opening in Metro

    If you are looking for a procedure that will help in preventing wp-content/uploads from opening in metro, then follow the guidelines given below:

    Press the Windows key to launch Default Programs in control panel.

    In order to access Metro you will have to type Default Programs and then press the Enter button.

    A new window titled, "Default Program" will open. Click the Set your Default Programs link.

    On the left side of the window a list of programs will be viewed. Select the Windows Photo Viewer and then click the big button. Set this program as default.

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    Display Administrative Tools

    On the start screen move your mouse towards the charms and click Settings (to view the charms press Window key + C).

    Under Start click Settings. Then set the Show administrative tools slider to Yes. The Administrative tools will be viewed on your screen.

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    Control Automatic Maintenance

    To control automatic maintenance, you will have to open the Action Center from the Flag icon present in the system tray.

    Under the Maintenance category you will find the Automatic Maintenance.  In order to customize the settings click the Change maintenance settings.

    Automatic Maintenance window will open from where you can set the time.

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    Customize Search Applications

    The Metro app appears when the search features are used. These apps can be controlled. First you will have to open the settings Charm and click the More PC option.

    A new window will open which will allow you to hide apps from search screen by using the slider.

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