6 Reasons to Take the Train Instead of the Bus

If taking the bus is what you’ve been used to your whole life, then you are seriously missing out on train rides. Unlike taking the bus, trains allow you enjoy a lot of personal space, give you unlimited access to snacks of different varieties, and most of all, can allow you relax yourself to your most comfortable ability. If all your life, you’ve only wondered what it will feel like to take the train instead of the bus, now is the perfect time to enjoy all those benefits you certainly would not find when taking a ride on the bus. Read on to find out more about 6 reasons to take the train instead of bus.



  • 1

    Incredible view

    One of the best things to look forward to whilst taking the train is the beauty of nature itself. Instead of viewing dull motorways and rusty cars that you can only get from taking the bus, try the train and fall into a daydream as you gaze off into the lush green hills and charming country side.


  • 2

    Easy access to places

    With train stations close to every major colleges in the city, you don’t have to worry about taking long distance walks before getting a train. More importantly, train transport is the only guarantee that you will get from point A to point B.

  • 3

    Snacks at your disposal

    If you are on a bus and suddenly feel the need to munch on a snack, you’ll definitely have to wait until you arrive at your destination before thinking about eating anything at all. But with train transportation, you have unlimited access to different snacks and drinks that’ll keep you satiated for as long as it takes.

  • 4

    Enough room for relaxation

    If you’ve taken the bus before, then you must know how other people’s touches, sweats and body odors can make you feel uncomfortable. Who wants to go through all that, absolutely none? With train transportation, there’s enough room for everyone, so other’s peoples junk is the last thing you need to worry about.

  • 5

    No traffic hold-ups
    Who wants to get hauled in by that long and annoying traffic jam? That’s the last thing to worry about with train transport!

  • 6

    They make socialization easy

    Buses are very small, so while you might feel tempted to talk to someone that’s a bit further from where you might be standing or sitting, it’ll be practically impossible to walk up to that person and converse smoothly. But with a train, you can easily walk up to whomever you deem fit and converse away until you arrive at your destinations!

  • 7

    Get the best of everything you are missing by choosing to take the train today.

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