Top 5 Infant Car Seats

Every parent searches for the best for their children, Car seats are among the highest when rating for safety.

But how do you know which car seat would be the best for your child?

Could you trust the words of a retail worker in a store to tell you how safe a car seat is for your child? Or would you want to be sure for yourself, searching the internet and all of the big names in Baby products to find the best for you and your child? Well I have done the searching for you, and I have found the Best, And the Worst deals for Car and booster seats for your children.

#1 The brand name is “Britax” and the model is “Companion”, and for $170.00 you can have the Britax’s Excellent crash protection Latch, and fit-to vehicle Latch and Belt.

The Britax also features Easy harness adjuster and side-impact material. Now while all of that sounds great, if you are on a tight budget, you might just want to check out our number two car seat�

#2 The “Safety 1st. Designer” has everything the Britax has, with one exception, it costs $90.00 less than the Britax.
So with that in mind, safety features are very important, but they don’t always have to cost an arm and a leg more. At $80.00 the Safety 1st Designer is more than acceptable for those of you on a tight budget but don’t want to lose any of the valuable safety features, be sure and check out this car seat when you’re in the market for a new one.

#3 “Peg Perego Primo Viaggio” well it’s easier to see the impressive safety features on this Infant seat than to say its name. From it’s Easy harness adjuster and Side-impact material, to it’s superbly ‘fit-to vehicle’ Latch and Belt. This seat is another very good buy, but at $170.00 it is not quite as good as our #2 pick.

#4 Now we’ve all heard mixed rumors about “Graco” baby products, so many products being recalled, but honestly, every company has it’s share of recalled items, It just so happens that Graco is a very popular brand so when something is recalled for any reason, everyone knows about it. So coming in at number four, is the Graco SnugRide. At $80.00 and with a very good rating and excellent crash protection belt, not to mention the easy harness adjuster and excellent fit-to vehicle Latch and Belt, this is an excellent choice of car seat for your infant.

#5 The “Baby Trend LATCH-LOC Adjustable Back” infant seat coming in at number five, with good reason, is only of average value. While it gets very good ratings, there really is not much of a comparison between Baby Trend and the others with this particular infant seat. Very good only gets you so far and at $90.00, you might as well spend ten dollars less and go get yourself the “Safety 1st” or the “Graco” infant seat. But if it is the “Baby Trend” name you are buying, you will get yourself side-impact material, easy harness adjuster, and average crash protection Latch and Belts.

Well there you have the Consumer Reports Top 5 Infant Car Seats, for more information on any of these facts, or just to browse and see for yourself, you can go to and search for ‘child car and booster seats’.

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