How to Address a Shipping Tube

When shipping a particular item, addressing it correctly can be the only difference between the item being delivered to the recipient or being returned back to you. Same holds true when you plan to ship items such as posters, hunting bows or fishing rods in a postal tube, also known as a shipping tube. To avoid your shipping tube from being rejected at the post office just because you did not write the address correctly, here is what you will need.

Things Required:

– Permanent marker
– Shipping label (if required)
– Scrap paper
– Packing tape


  • 1

    Pack the tube in a compact manner and seal it. Do not forget to use the end caps that came along with the shipping tube. These caps prevent the tube from getting deformed while it is being shipped. Turn the packed and sealed tube so that the largest portion which does not have any tape or markings is facing towards you. Here you will write the shipping address.

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    Draw a rectangle using a permanent marker. The size of the rectangle should be fairly large so that all its edges are clearly visible without having to turn the tube and it should be positioned at the tube’s centre. You may want to use a shipping label in which case you the label should be small enough so that it can be seen without having to turn the tube. However, you need to write the address in the rectangle or on the shipping label so make sure that you have enough writing space.

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    Your name and return address goes in the upper left corner. Write this address while keep it legible. Write your complete name followed by your address and ZIP code information. If the tube will be shipped overseas, write your country’s initials in the last line.

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    The centre part of the shipping label or rectangle is where the recipient’s address needs to be written. Either print the recipient’s address in large sized font or write it in your own handwriting. Make sure that you write the complete address in four to five lines. Start with the recipient’s name, followed by the shipping address and ZIP code information. As before, write the initial of the country to which the tube has be delivered in the last line if required.

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