Learn How to Wash Your Car so it Sparkles

A car is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll ever make in your life. Because of that, you’ll obviously want to keep it looking as good as the day you bought it. Why? Because driving a clean, sharp car will raise your self-esteem. And, the better shape your car is in, the more money you’ll get out of it when you sell it or trade it in. Washing your car correctly is an important step in preserving the condition of your car. It removes dirt, debris, bird droppings, and other harmful pollutants from your car.

The first step to correctly wash your car is to park it in a cool, shady spot out of the heat of the sun. Allow the metal surface of your car to cool down
before you start to wash it. Otherwise, the heat will dry the soap onto your car’s surface. Then, it will be harder than ever to remove.

After you have moved your car to a cool, shady spot, you’ll need to retrieve the tools and materials you’ll need for this task. You’ll need a bucket, a soft brush, a good-quality car washing detergent, a thick, absorbent sponge,
chamois towels, a garden hose, and a tire cleaner.

Note: Some people I know- my parents included- use either dishwashing detergent or a household cleaner to wash their cars with. These products are fine for cleaning dishes or for washing your kitchen floor. However, when it comes to cleaning dirt and debris from your car’s surface, you should use a product that is specially designed for the job. Household cleaners can be too harsh. They can actually strip the wax right off the surface of your car!

The second step is to use the tire cleaner on your wheels. In order to achieve the best results, follow the manufacturer’s directions on the container. Usually, tire cleaners come in a spray form that’s applied to the tires then removed with water. If your tires are really soiled, you can use the soft brush to gently scrub your tires before you let them soak. Then, spray the tires off thoroughly with the garden hose.

The third step in correctly washing your car is to spray off the entire surface
with water. Don’t forget to spray the wheel wells too. This will help to remove accumulated mud, dirt, and grime from inside them.

Now, follow the manufacturer’s directions and mix up a bucket full of the car washing detergent. Immerse the sponge in the bucket and start washing the roof of your car. Move the sponge around the surface in wide, swirling motions. Overlap small sections as you wash. That way, you’ll be sure to clean every inch of the car’s surface without missing any spots.

As you wash your car, dunk the sponge in the bucket and wring it out from time to time. This will remove the dirt from the sponge plus add more car washing detergent to it.

Once the roof is clean, move on down to the windshield and to the windows. Lift the wiper assemblies up carefully when you wash underneath them. Then, wash the hood and the trunk by using the same wide, circular motion.

It’s time now to use the garden hose again. Rinse the soap suds off your car thoroughly before you proceed onto the next step.

Now, before you move onto the bottom part of your car, you’ll need to dump the bucket, rinse it out, and fill it up with clean water. Add more car washing detergent, and you’re ready to correctly wash the bottom part of your car. Wash
the fenders, doors, bumpers, mirrors, tail lights, head lights, et cetera, well.

The fourth step is to rinse off the bottom of your car.

Then, use the chamois towels to remove the water from the surface of your car. Just as you correctly washed your car, dry it the same way. Start at the top and work your way down and around. Open the doors and wipe off the frames.

The fifth and final step of this task is to use a good-quality glass cleaner and absorbent paper towels to clean the windows, mirrors, and the chrome on your car. Your car should now shine like a copper penny from top to bottom! Have you ever seen it look so clean? It’s not only clean, but it’s also free from harmful pollutants that can ruin the finish and cause it to rust.

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