7 Household Uses for Denture Cleansing Tablets

Denture cleansing tablets are like many other products you buy. They do a whole lot more than what they’re intended to do. Denture tablets do more than just clean and deodorize false teeth. They don’t contain abrasive cleaners, and they aren’t expensive to buy either. You don’t need to buy name brand denture cleansing tablets like PolidentÃ?® or EfferdentÃ?® to get amazing results. You can pick up a box of off-brand tablets at your local dollar store for cheap. Here are 7 household uses for denture cleansing tablets:

1. Clean Up Hard-to-Reach Glass Items
Have you got a small vase that has mineral deposits inside it? Instead of trying to scrub it clean with a brush, drop a denture cleansing tablet in it, fill it up with warm water, and let the deposits soak away.

How about the cut glass dish you used to serve cheese sauce in? How are you ever going to remove the dried sauce from the outside? Place the glass dish in your kitchen sink and close the drain. Drop in one or two denture cleaners and fill the sink with warm water so it just covers the dish. Let it set undisturbed for ten to fifteen minutes. The hard, dried on cheese should come right out of the cracks and crevices in the dish!

2. Remove Mineral Deposits From Your Teakettle
If you have hard water in your house, then you know how fast mineral deposits can build up inside your teakettle. Dislodging it is almost impossible! Unless you discover another use for denture cleansing tablets, that is. Place two tablets in the teakettle and fill it up with warm water. Let it set undisturbed overnight. In the morning, rinse your teakettle out with plenty of tap water before you use it. It should be cleaned and deodorized as well.

3. Clean Up Stained Coffee Cups
Drop a denture cleansing tablet into a stained coffee cup and fill it up with very warm water. Let the cup soak for fifteen minutes, then dump it out and rinse it with tap water.

4. Open-Up a Gooped-Up Drain
Depending on how clogged your drain is, drop three or four denture cleansing tablets into it. Pour in a cup of white vinegar, then, let it set for ten to fifteen minutes. Follow the vinegar with plenty of hot tap water and it should open-up the drain.

5. Clean Up a Crusty Casserole Dish
Now that dinner’s over and you’re looking at the crusty casserole dish, it’s going to take you an hour to scrub it clean, right? Not if you use another household use for denture cleansing tablets. Drop a tablet into the dish and fill it full of hot water. Go relax for an hour or so, then, come back and scrub the dish clean. Easy!

6. Shine Up Your Beaded Jewelry
You can also shine up your beaded jewelry by using denture cleansing tablets. Place a tablet in a container one strand of beads will fit into. Then, drop in a cleansing tablet and add enough warm water to cover the beads. When the tablet has quit fizzing, remove the jewelry, rinse them off with tap water and spread them out on a clean, soft cloth to dry.

7. Clean Baby Bottles, Teething Toys and Pacifiers
Another household use for denture cleansing tablets is to clean baby bottles- you don’t need to use a brush to remove dried formula; teething toys- clean and deodorize at the same time; and pacifiers- clean all of the nooks and crannies without scrubbing. If you have several items to clean, place them in your kitchen sink. Plug the drain and add enough very warm water to just cover the items. Drop a tablet into the water and allow the items to soak for twenty minutes. Then, wash and rinse well.

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