7 Signs that You May Be Getting Fired

Have you ever been surprised after your boss has told you that your services were no longer needed with the company? It could happen to anyone just like that. Management will allow you to run around the office all day like a chicken without a head; struggling to finish a weeks worth of work in one day. Then as you are prepared to shut down your computer at the end of the day and head to salvation that’s called home, you are invited in the bosses office for a closed door meeting only to hear that you are fired. “I’m sorry, but I’m going to let you go”, he tells you, hoping that the strenuous work of the day has drained all energy from your soul, allowing you to accept the dreadful news with ease. It sounds horrible doesn’t it? A wise man once told me (as he was carrying a box of his belongings out of the office with a pink slip hanging from his mouth) that being fired can come without warning. I have to disagree with my terminated friend. There are numerous signs that your days of employment are numbered. Most of the time, upper management may purposely display some signs in hopes you will make there job easy and quit. It is important to know some of these signs so when your time comes, you will be prepared.

You just made a major mistake.

You just screwed up big time and you know it. All of a sudden, your “I’m dead” meter turns red hot and you know that your trigger happy boss won’t tolerate it. In fact, your corporate dictator has been waiting on you to make a mistake like this just so they will have good reason to fire you. It’s been nice knowing you.

Your daily responsibilities are beginning to be divided amongst the department, leaving you with less work to do.

Ok, don’t get too excited that you finally have more time to read articles on ESPN or shop online for the latest fashions. Eventually, you will be browsing the job classified section from home. Management has been planning this for a while and they are making sure that all of the duties you had, are appointed to the proper people before they kick your tail to the curb. You are only left with meaningless data entry that you can do in your sleep. After you are fired, management will hire some kid to punch the keyboard and help the kid get their feet wet.

Your Bosses attitude towards you changes.

Just last week, you were sharing recipe ideas with your boss. This week, you can’t even get eye contact from them. That is because your boss is a spineless snake, unable to stand firm with the decision they made and just come and tell you of your demise. I guess they are so ashamed that they waited to fire you after you gave them the recipe to your secret barbecue sauce.

Sometimes it is the complete opposite situation. Instead of your boss towering over you every five minutes and showering you with unnecessary criticism, you are suddenly a “great person”. Your boss begins to act concerned about your family, and what you want out of life.

You are purposely kept out of the loop.

There are going to be major changes in management, staff responsibilities, and general corporate procedures. However, you know absolutely nothing about anything. The reason for your ignorance is that you are no longer in the company’s plans for the future. Too bad, you are stuck in your little world with the “stay to myself and mind my own business” attitude. Your days are numbered.

Your Yearly Evaluation is scheduled at the end of the day this Friday without the chance to reschedule.

Everyone can see the signs but you. Why would your boss pick Friday to deal with your paper work and your future salary? Chances are either you won’t be getting a good raise or you won’t be getting another paycheck. They made you work all week with hopes of a good raise on the last day, and then they fire you.

Your Company is in the National spotlight for Layoffs.

If you are at home watching CNN and they report that the company you work for will be preparing for major layoffs, start looking in the job section of the newspaper immediately. Some heads are about to roll. You better believe that your head will be under the guillotine if you are way down on the totem pole.

Your pay stub is in an envelope, and it seems heavier than normal.

“This is strange”, you say to yourself. Usually John from accounting comes in and puts your stub face down on the desk. After opening the package, you find a “live” paycheck, your final evaluation, your signature for departure, a “We’ll miss you” card from everyone in the office, and a pink slip. It’s all over for you.

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