7 Things to Do with Your Hair Dryer, Besides the Norm

Ever wondered if there was something you could do with your hair dryer to help you out around the house? There are a lot of different things that can be done around your home, using only your basic hair dryer that you already have.

Tip #1- Crayon Marks- Using your hair dryer, heat the crayon mark up and then gently wipe with a sponge. Once you have done this, if you still see the crayon color on the wall, repeat your above steps. This also works great for candle wax using the same directions.

Tip #2- Photos- If you have any old photo albums that have the sticky pages, these can ruin your pictures. Use the hair dryer on the back of the page while you gently pry the picture up. This works great if you have a flat tool that can be slid underneath the picture. I used the dryer on low heat so I was sure not to ruin my old pictures.

Tip #3- Shower Curtains- If you have plastic shower curtains and don’t like the creases, then a blow dryer will do the trick. When you take the shower curtain out of the bag, lay it out flat on the floor, and gently apply the blow dryer to it while using your hand to flatten it. It will take out all the wrinkles and look great before you hang the curtain up.

Tip#4- Stickers on the Wall- How many of you have kids who just love to place stickers where ever they want. I know I do. You try and peel it off and it tears, breaks and leaves a sticky mess behind it. If you slowly heat the sticker up with your hair dryer and peel off, it will come off with no problem and leave no mess behind.

Tip #5- Plastic On windows- If you live in a cold place like me, then you place plastic on your leaky windows. Once you have your plastic up and well sealed, run your hair dryer over top of it all a few times. This will tighten the plastic and seal your window better. Most plastic directions even tell you to do this.

Tip #6- Ice Maker- Run your hair dryer on your ice maker in your freezer a few times a year. This will add years to your motor life. Months and months of condensation can build up in your ice maker causing your motor to work harder then it should be. So cleaning it out every so often will make your ice maker last longer.

Tip #7- Coils on your Fridge- Using your hair dryer to blow out the coils behind your fridge can also add years to your fridge life. Let’s face it; these things are pretty expensive so anything you can do to help add years to the life you should. Simply unplug your fridge and set your hair dryer on high and blow out all the dust particles that you can. Repeating this every other month will add a lot of life to your fridge.

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