7 Ways to Enjoy Your Morning Walk

For some people, taking a walk every morning doesn’t really sound that exciting. Maybe its something you want to do for your health, but you cant find the motivation. These are things that I do to help me enjoy my morning walk. I don’t do all of these things all of the time, but just adopting a few of them at a time helps me have a better walking experience.

1. Bring A Friend

walking with a companion can be such a joy. Good conversation can encourage you to get out there and start moving. If you are a very social person, than you may enjoy finding a walking partner to brig with you. A neighbor, friend, or family member who already enjoys walking can be a huge help.

2. Listen to Music

I love listening to music. Music spurs me into motion and encourages me to keep moving. If I am listing to my favorite playlist, I can walk for ages without even thinking about stopping. Just make sure you charge your iPod the night before, or you could have a disappointing morning.

3. Get the Right Equipment

When it comes to enjoying a walk, having the right shoes, jacket, and bag matters a lot. If you are carrying a cumbersome purse, suffering with a thin jacket, or a heavy coat, or if your feet hurt because of your shoes, its going to be a hard trip. Investing in a fanny pack or backpack, a light, warm jacket that you can easily tie around your waist, and a pair of decent walking shoes can help you set yourself up for enjoyment.

4. Get an Exercise Tracking App

I love the fulfillment of seeing how far I have walked when my workout is over. Exercise tracking apps can be annoying to some people, and they are not perfect, but they give you a general idea of how much progress you made. I really enjoy looking at my route, my distance, my pace, and the calories i have burned. it spurs me on towards a better workout.

5. Take the Scenic Route

Walking in a beautiful place is highly underrated. many people walk inside the gym, or on a treadmill so that they can be in a controlled environment. But being outside, even in the bitter cold, can feel so great once you start to get moving.

6. Set a Destination

Some people enjoy walking from one place to another. If you wan to enjoy your walk, but you just don’t like walking in a big circle, than set a destination for yourself that is several miles away. Your favorite coffee shop, restaurant, or bookstore are great examples. Once you get there, enjoy it for a while, and then walk home!

7. Push Yourself

After you have been walking for some time, you might grow bored of your route, or the walk is no longer enough to get your heart rate going. Try pushing yourself beyond what you started with. Walk more briskly, go farther, change your route, or start running.

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