How to Design a Fitness Room

Creating a home fitness room will provide you with a peaceful place to exercise. It will save the time you would have otherwise wasted going to a local fitness gym. Moreover, you only need to make a starting investment that will save you lots of money in the future that you would have spent on monthly membership fees. The best fitness centre for you depends on what your personal exercise goals are and your spending limit. There are a number of ways that helps you on how to design a top quality home fitness room that will keep you fit and healthy.


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    Check the room size for the gym

    Measure your room dimensions and calculate how much space is available to create the fitness room. Check out the area that your desired exercise machines will need. Most treadmills consume about 30 square feet, free weights take up around 20 to 50 square feet, and one-station equipment designed for exercising all muscles parts take up around 35 square feet. On the other hand, plan your activity objectives to see what kind of machines you will put in the gym. For example, if you like to run in the open air and play football for cardio exercise you really don’t have to buy cardio equipment. Nevertheless, if you want to perform you entire workout in-house, you should purchase a cardiovascular machine, a free weight station or single station equipment and a mat for stretching purposes.

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    Budgeting is important

    Calculate your expenses and how much cash is available for each machine. It is advisable to buy good quality cardio equipment. Treadmills can be bought from $700 onward. Bikes and elliptical machines also cost the same amount. Have a budget of at least $700 for cardio equipment, $500 to $700 for a bench and weights and $500 for other equipment such as mats, bands and medicine balls.

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    Do research before buying fitness equipments

    Go shop at local exercise machine supply stores and also on the internet to find things that fit your allotted budget. Read customer product reviews on various Web sites and try out equipment in shops to improve your understanding of the functions they offer or if they fit the criteria of your activity needs. See which extras you want to add to your fitness room. Popular choices are television, mirrors, mini-fridge or a water cooler, according to your personal liking and choice.

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