7 Animals Responsible for Killing Human Beings

You are bored and you take your TV’s remote control, switch on the TV, scroll through channels and find National Geographic or Discovery. Many of us simply love the wild life and want to watch how they survive in the wilds and how they actually live in natural habitat. However, little do we know is the fact that these animals have been responsible for the killing of several human beings.

We have listed down a few animals which have managed to kill several human beings in the history. They have been responsible for killing human beings time and time again and we have been on their food menu for quite some time now. The list would also include humans themselves, who are currently at the top of the food chain without a doubt.


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    Elephants are always dangerous once they are provoked. They are currently famous due to the fact that they are the largest animal structure in the world. At an average, they are responsible for killing 500 people in a year.

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    Crocodiles can always camouflage themselves with the grassy area around certain streams. This is how they become extremely deadly while they are inside or outside the water. Almost 1000 to 2500 people are killed by crocodiles every year.

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    They are considered to be Africa’s most dangerous animals. Even though it looks like a docile-looking mammal which loves water, it is extremely vicious once provoked. It is reported that almost 2900 people die annually because of hippopotamuses.

    Hippo Charge
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    Cape buffalo

    Cape buffaloes are famous for their extremely sharp horns, their weight and the speed at which they travel. Once you are in the same line as them, it will be hard for you to outrun them or even survive. Cape buffaloes are responsible for killing 200 people per year.

    cape buffalo
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    They are famous for being the oldest creatures living on earth. There are around 1300 to 2000 species of scorpions in the world but only 25 of them have the poison to kill the things around it. Almost 1000 to 5000 people are killed due to poisonous scorpions in a year.

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    Though they are the smallest, they are without a doubt the most dangerous as well. They even carry fatal diseases, the most recent one being dengue, which has killed several people across the globe. Mosquitoes kill around 660,000 to 1,000,000 people in a single year.

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    People are afraid of snakes because they are extremely poisonous. They kill almost 50,000 people annually.


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