7 Inventions that Changed our Way of Life

The technological world has been changing on a daily basis. There have been newer inventions every day and we take most of them for granted. It’s true that the world is now working at a faster pace than it was ten years ago. This is because people have managed to come up with inventions which work faster than the ones which were made before them.

It’s true that we take these inventions for granted. There is no doubt that we never find the time to cherish what has been accomplished by humans over the last century. Here is a list of inventions which have changed our lives forever.


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    Well, there is no denying the fact that electricity is probably the most essential invention in its history. Imagine your world without electricity; there will be no microwaves, no computers, no internet, etc. This world would be extremely different from what it is today.

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    Are you bored? You get on the computer and you start watching a movie, or maybe start playing a game. Moreover, computers are now used in offices. Why? Because they tend to calculate faster and even store data. Computer, without a doubt, is a powerful invention.

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    Internet is an extremely beautiful idea which was presented to humans. People can now remain in touch with each other and information throughout the day.

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    At first, travelling was an immense problem since people had to travel on their vehicles, or even on certain rides. However, with aircrafts hovering in the skies, things have been quite simple.

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    Mobile Phones

    Can you imagine your life without your mobile phone right now? We doubt that it would be the same. Mobile phones are a primary need for people around the globe because they are that important. This is why they have managed to make this list.

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    ATM has changed the concept of cheques altogether. Now the banking system is advanced like no other. You don’t need to follow the bank timings in order to take out cash. Moreover, several other advancements have helped ATM become one of the best inventions of our time.

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    You don’t the way to your friend’s house? Don’t bother calling him. Put the address in and you are good to go! That is what GPS is all about.


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