A Biography of Captain America

Captain America. The Sentinel of Liberty. Of course, he wasn’t always like this. Although Cap has always been a hardcore patriot, he was once a weakly little man known only as Steve Rogers. With a little tinkering, courtesy of the U.S. Army, Steve Rogers became the mightiest mortal man on earth. America could do a lot worse having him on our side.

Born in New York City, Steve Rogers grew up a sickly child during The Great Depression. An honest, hardworking citizen, he never let his physical health or meager wealth sully his views of America. He believed in the American dream, even if he wasn’t living it and after seeing a shocking newsreel about the Nazis, he was ready to fight for it.

As Steve had poor health and was very weak in strength, the U.S. Army could not accept him as an enlisted man. Steve pleaded with them, determined to go kick some Nazi butt. Overhearing his pleas was General Chester Phillips, who made Steve Rogers an offer he couldn’t refuse. If Rogers would undergo experimental tests with the U.S. Army, he was in. Rogers agreed.

Operation: Rebirth put Steve through many trials. Tests and training, followed by the injection of a highly classified and experimental Super Soldier Serum, made Steve a new man. He now had a body more fit than an Olympic athlete. More training followed, as Steve was taught American-style boxing and judo. When Operation: Rebirth was done with Steve Rogers, he was deemed able to serve for his country: as Captain America.

Captain America is a 240 lb, 6’2, blonde hair, blue eyed, Nazi crushing, flag waving dreamboat. He believes in all that is good about The United States of America. He loves its people, its ideals, and he will use his physical strength and ethics to protect them. Rather than a perfect killing machine, he is America’s perfect defender.

Cap’s ideals are not aligned with any political party. Yes, he has undying loyalty to his country, but he lives by a strong moral code that is virtually impervious to corruption. He fights for democracy, armed only with a red, white, and blue shield. This shield is a circular discus, 2.5 feet in diameter and 12 pounds in weight. Made of a vibranium-adamantium alloy, it is the strongest metal known to man.

Captain America has had many enemies in his life. His biggest nemesis in World War II was the Red Skull, a deformed and malicious cohort of Adolf Hitler. With his teenage partner, Bucky Barnes, Cap fought against the Nazis until 1945, when an unfortunate incident with an exploding drone plane killed Bucky and left Cap frozen alive in the Arctic Ocean.

Captain America slumbered at the bottom of the ocean in suspended animation until the 1960’s. During a battle against Namor the Submariner, The Avengers found Captain America and unthawed him. Cap hadn’t aged a day and he was immediately asked to join up with The Avengers in their fight against evil. A born leader and all around badass, Cap not only joined, but assumed his role as head of The Avengers.

Over the years, Cap has aligned himself with many heroes: The Avengers, The Invaders, and Falcon, to name a few. He has also had many solo ventures, as well. Currently, Cap’s exploits are reported in the newest additions of The New Avengers and The Ultimates. He is still considered to be one of the world’s mightiest superheroes.

Today, adjusting to a new world and a jaded America, Cap still fights for democracy. One of the last true patriots, he continues the struggle against those that would see the U.S.A. crumble in ruins. Whether it is Nazis, Communists, or Middle Eastern terrorists, Captain America is there to see that their plans fail. Dedicated to a higher calling of freedom and liberty, he is still a soldier and he still loves his country.

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