A Doormat’s Thought

I’m so tired of being stepped on and treated this way
I’m there when you need me each and every day
I stay here to welcome all those who enter your home
What thanks do I get?
A muddy footprint from yesturday’s storm
It’s cold out here and you just leave me so dirty
My welcome sign is worn,and I don’t feel so pretty
The paper boy just throws his paper at me
Then blames me if the paper does not land just perfectly
The other day I had developed a crease
You just kicked at me and proceeded to leave
I saw the welcome sign you hung on the door
It’s not much prettier than I am
But yet you just throw me on this cold concrete floor
Today, I thought you’d bring me in
To run in a wash cycle and go for a spin
Where do you think I would end up
Being driven away on this stinky garbage truck!

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