A Follow-Up to Gas Price Conspiracy Revealed!

On July 11, 2005 I published a story on this website called Gas Price Conspiracy Revealed! The subject of that story, the spike in gas prices, was part of an overall plot by the Stalin admin – I mean the Bush administration – to get enough support to back their dream of opening up the Alaska Wildlife Refuge for drilling so that Bush and Cheney and all their rich Texas oil friends could make more money. (It’s been a lean year, profits for the industry only rose $10 million during the month between Katrina and Wilma).

Some of the comments made on my story questioned the validity of this theory and the story’s rating is currently at a 2.6 out of 5.

My reply is this:

With a 51-48 vote, the Senate approved requiring the Interior Department to begin selling oil leases for the coastal plain of the Alaska refuge within two years.

“Increasing our domestic energy supply will help lower gasoline prices and utility bills,” Pres. Bush said in a statement. “We can and should produce more crude oil here at home in environmentally responsible ways. The most promising site for oil in America is a 2,000-acre site in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and thanks to technology, we can reach this energy with little impact on the land or wildlife.”

What does it take for you Bush supporters to see this man has no character or compassion for anything but his own interests!

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