A Georgia Native Plant Guide

I was working in a Barnes and Noble bookstore during the peak of planting season. There were several people during that season that asked for a book on native plants that was specific to Georgia. To my dismay, we had none. To my even bigger dismay, there WASN’T one. It was then that I dropped the manuscript I was working on and queried a regional publisher, Mercer University Press, about this project. After getting the go ahead, I left Barnes and Noble and started a year long research and writing frenzy to get this book down in print.

There are 16 endangered plants in Georgia. There are exotic pests and invasive weeds. But there are also some plants that were born to be raised here in Georgia. It is those plants that will thrive in your garden without constant attention and worry from the gardener. It is those plants that some are endangered and need help if they are to survive. Bog gardens full of Sarrancenia, and meadows of Echinacea, those that are so pleasant to the eye and unsuspecting in a field. It is these plants where our loyalties should lie.

The book is small and colorful and will fit into your pocket as you are out in the fields or hiking. It was made to seek out the rare trees and flowers among the walks you take. The second edition is meatier and full of more information, twice the size in fact.

Georgia has over 3000 species of native flowers. Although this book isn’t a complete and exhaustive listing of them, it is a wide selection of plants with wonderful color, bloom display times, and ease of growing within the region. Gardeners who are looking to start a native garden for the first time should not have trouble getting any of the plants in this selection to grow in their area. It will also point out some threatened flowers to be on the lookout when you go to create your different gardens. Each listing shows the scientific name, the common name, and a brief overview of the flower. There are some truly colorful and great photos in the book as well.

For More Information:
A Georgia Native Plant Guide
Paperback: 150 pages
Publisher: Mercer University Press (November 30, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN: 0865548781
Product Dimensions: 8.0 x 3.9 x 0.4 inches

Table of Contents:
Introduction: “Why Choose Natives?” by Leslie Kimel, GWF
Georgia Endangered Plants
Georgia Exotic Pests
Georgia Noxious Weeds
Georgia Protected Plants
Native Flowers
Native Trees, Shrubs, and Grasses
Rare Flora, A County by County Listing
As the Vine Consumes (Kudzu and Cogongrass)
The Botanical Significance of Floyd County, Georgia
Helpful Resources for Gardeners
Recommended Reading
Where to Buy Natives, a Store Guide

SUPER BOOK!!, December 27, 2005
Reviewer: Cindy “Cetrev” (Georgia)
This is the greatest put together book about Georgia plants I’ve seen. It is laid out so nicely and informatively. The author of this one really did a GREAT job getting the info. together and putting the book together. I bought 2 so I could give one as a gift to someone that I knew would also love it and she did! She’s called me several times thanking me for it and telling me how wonderful the book is also. Thanks!

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