Looking for Beautiful Blue Flowers?

When people are asked which color is their favorite, a great number of people chose blue as the color they like most of all. Blue is soothing, euphonious, and it’s the color of the clear sky. Blue is one of the most popular colors, and those who plant flowers and love the color blue find there aren’t a great number of blue flowers available at the average garden center. Some flowers are said to be blue when in reality they are purple. There actually are a number of beautiful blue flowers available for those who want a blue flower garden. Blue flowers can be ordered through mail-order companies and from garden centers with a more extensive selection of flowers. It’s helpful to know what kinds of blue flowers are available so they can be located and requested.


Who could put out of mind beautiful blue forget-me-nots? The name is quite appropriate for these little blue flowers centered with perfect yellow emblazoned dots. The shade of blue forget-me-nots is a blue quite like no other shade. Blue forget-me-nots are simply beautiful, and they are the favorite flowers of many people who love blue flowers.

Forget-me-nots boast low-growing mounds of pretty blue flowers, and they reach a maximum height of eight inches. These attractive blue flowers grow very fast and come back year after year. Forget-me-nots grow best in partial shade and are best suited for zones three through eight.

Nikko Blue Hydrangea

If you’ve ever traveled down south, you may have noticed yards adorned with beautiful blue flowering bushes and wondered what kind they are. More than likely the blue flowering bushes you noticed were blue hydrangeas. Some blue hydrangeas are vivid blue and very striking, while others are powder blue and much more subtle. Some blue hydrangeas are barely blue and appear almost white in color. The shades of blue vary according to the level of alkaline in the soil, and down south the soil naturally contains more alkaline. The alkalinity of the soil can be changed through the use of aluminum sulfate. Ask at your local garden center for aluminum sulfate. Follow the directions according to your specific requirements and location.

Nikko blue hydrangeas should be planted in shady locations, and they bloom from the middle of summer to early autumn. Hydrangeas can adapt to sunny locations if shade is unavailable, and these stunning blue flower bushes are best suited for zones five through nine.

Blue Balloonflower

Balloonflowers have beautiful star-shaped blooms with striking white pistils. These large blue flowers are approximately three inches across and are quite showy. Balloonflowers are best suited for zones three through eight and they prefer a sunny location or partial shade. These beautiful blue flowers reach an approximate height of 2 feet, and they span approximately 18 inches in width. Consider this lovely blue flower as a backdrop for lower growing flowers of a complimentary color.

Blue Chip Campanula

These bell-shaped flowers are a delicate and stunning display of true beauty. This blue flowering plant is considered an old-fashioned favorite, and the foliage is just as unique as the beautiful blue flowers. Blue chip campanula has unique heart-shaped foliage. The mounded cushions of beautiful flowers of blue chip campanula grow to a maximum height of about one foot, and they measure about one foot across. Blue chip campanula blooms all through the summer and they are sure to bring plenty of compliments from those who see them. This blue flower is best suited for zones three through eight.

Blue Fringed Daisy

Daisies are classic flowers that are favorites of many, and blue fringed daisies are especially beautiful. They are unique in the fact that they are true blue flowers. Their petals truly look like fringe surrounding a yellow and green center.

Blue fringed daisies are easy to care for and easy to grow, and they reach a maximum height of approximately 30 inches. These beautiful blue flowers prefer full sun, and they are best suited for zones two through eight.

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