How to Grow a Peach Tree from a Peach Pit

A huge number of people want to grow peach trees and in three to four years, a peach tree start producing peaches. However, it is not easy to grow a peach tree from a peach pit as it is tricky and requires considerable care. If you are looking forward to grow a peach tree from a peach pit in your yard then you have to know everything for getting good results. But if you are doing this for the first time and want some guidance, then this article is for you.


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    First of all, you should remove the peach pit from a peach. Make sure you have washed the pit and have removed peach flesh from it.

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    Now keep the peach pit at any place in your home and ensure that the pit receives fresh air. Let the air dry this peach pit for a period of almost 12 hours.

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    Now take a plastic bag and put the peach pit into it. Keep the mouth of the bag slightly opened and keep it in a refrigerator.

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    Wait for a few days and you will see that there is a little condensation on the plastic bag. You can add a few drops of water if you do not find any condensation. Also shake the plastic bag for draining the moisture.

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    Remove the peach pit from the plastic bag and soak it for a few hours in water. Then again put the peach pit back in the bag and fill it with a moist soil.

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    After filling the plastic bag with moist soil, you should seal the bag and again put it back in the refrigerator for almost six weeks.

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    Keep observing the plastic bag after a few days and also add water drops in order to keep the soil damp. In a period of six weeks, you will observe that it has started germination.

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    When you see that the root of the peach pit becomes ½ inch long, then put it into a small pot which should be filled with potting soil before planting the pit. Put in on such place where it could get direct sunlight for at least 8 hours.

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    You can use plastic wrap up over the plant in order to provide protection to this tender plant. You should remove the wrap up when the sapling starts appearing on the plant.

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    Now you should dig a hole that is deep enough according to the root size of the sapling. Put the sapling in the hole and fill it with soil. Keep watering the plant regularly and also use fertilizer if required.

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