Grow Colorful Peppers with the Medusa Pepper Plant

Do you need to add a splash of color to the interior of your house? Have you considered using an exotic houseplant to add this color? If this is an interesting option to you, then one exotic houseplant to consider is the Medusa Pepper Plant. This houseplant can add bright colors that vary from ivory to yellow to orange to red when it puts on its colorful peppers.

The care of the Medusa Pepper Plant, also known as Capsicum annum longum, is an ornamental pepper plant, not a crop producing vegetable plant. This pepper plant grows best in four-inch pots filled with well-draining soil. It also requires full sun but does tolerate partial shade. The best location for this plant is where it can receive morning or afternoon sunshine. This exotic houseplant also requires warm temperatures that range from 65 to 75 degrees during the day to temperatures that range from 60 to 65 degrees at night. The type of soil that this plant does best in is moist soil, but not soggy and this plant should not be allowed to sit in water. With the proper care and maintenance, this plant will grow and easily put on the beautiful, colorful peppers for many years.

The Medusa Pepper Plant gets its name from the resemblance it has to Medusa’s head full of snakes for hair. When this pepper plant is full of colorful peppers that twist and turn like snakes, it reminds one of Medusa and her snakes which is also the reason for considering it as an exotic houseplant. The colorful peppers produced by the Medusa Pepper Plant are green when immature then ripen to colors of yellow, red and orange. These pointed peppers will grow to lengths of one inch long or more and are not hot to taste as most peppers are and they are even safe to have around children, but they are generally only used as ornamental plants and are not eaten.

Propagation of this exotic houseplant is through the seeds that can be found inside the colorful peppers it produces. After collecting and drying the pepper seeds or buying seeds, they plant them in March or April in well-draining soil. Place the newly planted seeds in full sunlight, water regularly and wait patiently. Soon you will have more colorful Medusa Pepper Plants to enjoy or to pass on to friends and family.

The Medusa Pepper Plant is a colorful, exotic houseplant that is very different from most other houseplants because of how bright it is. This plant is perfect to use when you are trying to brighten up the interior of your home, especially if there is a sunny windowsill available to place it, as it loves bright light. Exotic houseplants can bring many years of enjoyment when they are cared for properly and the Medusa Pepper Plant is no exception. So if you are looking for a different way to bring bright colors to the interior of your home, give this exotic houseplant serious consideration. For more information visit or

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