How to Feed a Dracaena Plant in 3 Steps


Dracaenas (Corn Plants) are a very attractive and easy to care for house plant. They are one of the most common plants used in offices and homes; they are a deep green in color and they grow very tall.


You may feed them with fish emulsion. Fish emulsion has NPK of 11-5-1, one teaspoon is all you need, and it will last for up to three months. It is one of the easiest foods to feed them, since it’s long lasting.

Step 1

First you dig a hole into the dracaena plant reaching the roots; you may do this with a small spoon or shovel. Be careful not to destroy the roots.

Step 2

Now you apply a heaping teaspoon of fish emulsion into the roots of a big plant; if the plant is very small only apply a teaspoon.

Step 3

Finally, cover up the soil. And then wait for three months, and feed your dracaena again. Your plant will be happy and full of nutrients, and it should bloom out more and stay a vibrant green. Feeding your plant should prevent it from yellowing since you are feeding it the proper amount of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.

Lighting, Water, and Humidity

Be sure it gets the proper amount of in-direct lighting -which is lighting that bounces of the walls of the room and gets to the plant. And never over water your plant; use a pencil or a water meter to check the soil. If it the soil is moist do not water it; only water your plants when they’re dry.

The plants can dry out if there is no humidity in the room. You can put small rocks in the water catching tray, and fill that with water to keep the humidity higher. This will not water the plant but will create humidity -which will keep the plants from getting dried up at the tips. You may have to do this on a constant basis, but it’s worth it because your plant will be very healthy.

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